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    You are here: Home > Pharmacy News | Health Articles/Tips > General > April 26, 2019

      Pink Himalayan salt vs regular salt. Which is better?

      This has been quite a debate and here we separate fact from fiction. Pink Himalayan salt has been credited with various health-giving properties but is it better than regular salt? Read on.

      Salt is a mineral majorly composed of sodium chloride. This is extracted by either evaporating salt water or from underground salt mines. Pink Himalayan salt is a pink-colored salt which is taken from the Khewra Salt Mine close to the Himalayas in Pakistan. This is hand-extracted and minimally processed and is mostly composed of sodium chloride like regular salt.


      If you compare table salt and pink Himalayan salt, both are mostly made of sodium chloride, but the latter may contain up to 84 other minerals and trace elements. These minerals may comprise common minerals such as potassium and calcium besides lesser-known minerals such as strontium and molybdenum. However, the quantities of these minerals are very negligible and of not much use.

      Are the health claims true?

      Some of the health claims made about pink Himalayan salt are that it helps respiratory diseases, increase the libido, balance the body's pH, slows down aging, promotes better sleep and brings down blood sugar. However, there is no research to specifically corroborate these claims.

      Very low salt diets will end up giving one trouble sleeping but both regular as well as pink Himalayan salt contain sodium chloride which helps. When it comes to maintaining the pH balance in the body, the quantity of minerals present in pink Himalayan salt are not enough to do so. You also should know that your lungs and kidneys are powerful enough to efficiently control your body's pH without needing any pink Himalayan salt.

      When it comes to claims such as bringing down blood sugar levels, aging and libido, these are majorly related to factors besides salt in your diet. In conclusion, there has been no research specifically done to ascertain the differences between pink Himalayan salt and regular table salt. Even if so, the probability of finding any differences related to health effects are nil.

      However, if you want to avoid the additives found in regular table salt, then you could opt for pink Himalayan salt. However, table salt is a key dietary source of iodine. In case, you have chosen to use pink Himalayan salt, make sure you source iodine from other foods such as seaweed, dairy products and fish to prevent iodine deficiency.


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