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      Sadness vs depression. What’s the difference?

      Depression is one of the most common mental illnesses today. Sadness and depression are mixed up often and here’s what you should know. Sadness is a normal emotion that all of us face and will continue facing now and then. Depression on the other hand is an abnormal, emotional state.

      Millions of Americans struggle with untreated depression each year. What is dangerous is that when left untreated, this can get more harmful with self-harming behavior and even result in suicide.

      Sadness vs depression

      Sadness is restricted to a brief period whereas depression tends to stay longer. It tends to stay most of the time for periods as long as two weeks. Unlike sadness, one can’t just snap out of it. Sadness is merely a temporary phase of life, but depression can totally change your life.

      When someone is sad, they are likely to still find that there are things that cheer them up such as favorite movies or food. When it comes to depression, it’s characterized by a lack of interest in most activities that were once loved including hobbies.

      In many cases, sadness is triggered by a specific event such as the death of a loved one or a pet, a chronic illness, loss of a job, homesickness, work related problems, relationship issues and so on. Depression may be triggered by an event but can also happen without any specific cause. When depression is the result of an event, the phase will last beyond ‘normal’ boundaries and be experienced in a deeper way.

      Key symptoms of depression

      • Having a depressed or irritable mood usually
      • A loss or decrease in interest in most activities
      • Major changes in weight or appetite
      • Unexplained physical pain such as stomach aches, headaches and body pain
      • Insomnia, difficulty sleeping or oversleeping
      • Lack of energy, tiredness and sluggishness
      • Problems with concentration, decision-making and creativity
      • Feeling worthless and guilty
      • Suicidal thoughts


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