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      Get better sleep during cancer treatment!

      Cancer treatment can be a tough thing to contend with and may come with certain side effects such as trouble sleeping, nausea and so on. Finding it difficult to sleep is one of the common complaints and here are some tips for snatching a good night’s sleep.

      Let your medical team know

      If you have gone through chemo and you are finding it difficult to sleep, do consult your doctor. This is a pretty common complaint. Your doctor is likely to prescribe sleep and anti-anxiety medication. This is very important because you need sleep to fight off the cancer.

      Keep devices away

      Put your laptop, mobile phone, tablet and other such devices away few hours before sleeping. These emit blue light which makes the body respond as if it’s still day. This upsets your body’s internal clock or circadian rhythm and the result is that it delays the release of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin. This makes it tougher to fall asleep.

      Try staying awake during the day

      You might feel like dozing off during the day but try and avoid that. Staying awake through the day might help you sleep better at night.

      Maintain a regular sleep schedule

      Make it a habit to try and sleep at a particular time. With pets and kids around, this can be quite a challenging task but its important that you set a schedule for sleeping. This will make you feel sleepy around the same time every day.

      Stay away from food and exercise

      Avoid exercising and eating at least two hours before your bedtime. Eating will keep your digestive system active and make it tougher to fall asleep. A workout makes your body feel alert and awake and will disrupt your sleep cycle.

      Maintain a sleep diary

      Keeping a sleep diary will help you identify sleep patterns. It may also help to identify the cause of sleeplessness, sometimes it could be nausea or pain.


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