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      Are these factors wrecking your sleep?

      A good night’s sleep is important to maintain optimum health. However, there are some factors that can really wreck your sleep and prevent you from getting the best quality sleep that you should be getting.

      Beverages and alcohol

      Caffeine is a stimulant and can keep one awake. It’s not just found in coffee but also camouflaged in tea, chocolate, soft drinks, and energy drinks. So, skip all these at night, especially post-dinner. It’s a big myth that alcohol gives you good sleep. It may make you feel drowsy and sleep for few hours, but you would wake again. The quality of sleep too matters, and alcohol-induced sleep is not the deep sleep needed for the body to carry out restorative functions.


      If there is some medication to be taken before sleep, make sure you take it. However, check with your doctor if you feel the medication is keeping you awake.


      A nap might seem like a nice way to catch up on lost sleep, but it can turn counter-productive too. If you take a nap post 3.00 p.m., it can mess up with your sleep at night. So, skip that nap.

      Turning up the heat

      When its hot, it’s tough to catch sleep. Humidity makes things even worse. Make sure your bedroom is cool and dark as this facilitates good sleep.

      Avoid electronic devices

      Avoid using electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets and computers at least a few hours before sleep. These emit a blue light which can make your body stay alert and awake and keep you from falling asleep.

      Eating heavily before sleeping

      A small snack before bed is fine but if you have a heavy snack or meal, you are likely to find it tough to sleep.  Heavy food speeds your brain and charges your metabolism which affects sleep and may even give you nightmares.


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