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    You are here: Home > Pharmacy News | Health Articles/Tips > General > April 22, 2019

      How companies sneak in sugar on food labels

      All of us know that eating added sugar can be detrimental to health. This becomes even more pronounced in the case of obesity, type 2 diabetes and heart disease. You might watch out for sugar on food labels but may not realize that this is not always listed as sugar. It could come in a variety of forms.

      Dry sugar

      Sugar may land in your food label under these names barley malt, coconut sugar, corn sweetener, maltose, buttered sugar, cane juice crystals, cane sugar, dextran, malt powder, crystalline fructose, caster sugar, maltodextrin, invert sugar, evaporated cane juice, panela, ethyl maltol, palm sugar, organic raw sugar, rapadura sugar, date sugar, fruit juice concentrate, golden sugar and so on.


      Manufacturers add sugar to many foods in the form of syrups. Syrups are basically thick liquids that are made using large quantities of sugar dissolved in water. Some of the most common syrups that you will find are high-fructose corn syrup, maple syrup, agave nectar, golden syrup, malt syrup, rice bran syrup, rice syrup, carob syrup, molasses, oat syrup and honey.

      Sugar in unexpected foods

      Most of us know that candies, cakes and pastries contain a lot of sugar. But how many of us know that foods that you would not consider traditionally as sweet have loads of sugar as well? This list includes yogurt, spaghetti sauce and breakfast cereals. You’ll be shocked to hear that some cups of yogurt can carry up to 6 teaspoons of sugar.

      Adding so called ‘healthy sugars’

      You will find that some food labels mention “contains no refined sugar” or “refined sugar-free.” What they mean is that they do not have white sugar content, but they merely swap this with a natural sweetener that’s perceived as healthier. These sugars are generally derived from the sap, fruit, flowers, or seeds of plants. If you are eating a high quantity of sugar, it can still be unhealthy whether from refined or unrefined sugars.


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