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      Keep your tummy happy with these tips!

      Maintaining a healthy stomach is the key to getting the best nutrition and experiencing a good quality of life. Here are some expert tips that will help you keep your tummy happy and keeping your health at its peak.

      Choose real food

      Processed food is a great enemy of your stomach as it contains plenty of food additives, including glucose, salt and other chemicals. Low-calorie drinks and ice creams generally contain artificial sweeteners, and these may lead to digestive problems. As far as possible, eat fresh food.  Go for a diet that is low in food additives, trans fats and artificial sweeteners.

      Tank up on the fiber

      Both soluble and insoluble fiber are good for stomach health.  A high fiber diet helps one stay away from many digestive conditions and this includes ulcers, hemorrhoids, reflux, diverticulitis and IBS. Legumes,  oat bran, nuts and seeds are rich in soluble fiber. Vegetables, whole grains and wheat bran are rich sources of insoluble fiber. Probiotics too are rich in fiber and promote healthy gut bacteria.

      Bring on the healthy fat

      Healthy fat is important to keep you feeling satiated and full besides aiding digestion. Healthy fat such as omega-3 fatty acids are found in flaxseeds, chia seeds, nuts besides fatty fish like mackerel, salmon, and sardines.

      Staying hydrated

      The importance of good hydration can never be stressed enough as it keeps the body free from constipation. Go for 50–66 ounces (1.5–2 liters) of non-caffeinated fluids per day to stay well-hydrated. You need not just drink water, you can go for herbal teas and juices as well. You can also choose fruits and vegetables that have a high-water content such as cucumbers, tomatoes and so on.

      Chew food well and eat mindfully

      The digestive process begins in your mouth. When you chew food well and break it into small pieces, it makes it easier for the digestive enzymes in your stomach to work well. Don’t eat too quickly and make sure you savor food as you eat. Focus on eating, this helps promote good stomach health. If you are stressed, take up activities that relax you as stress can create stomach issues.



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