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      Secrets of the Super Healthy

      All of us envy people who never seem to fall sick. The ones who seem to have great immunity from winter sniffles, the ones who don’t have the aches and pains that we groan from. What makes them stand apart from the rest? It’s not something that happened like magic, research shows that the Super Healthy cultivate certain habits that stand them in good stead at every juncture in life.

      Start your day with breakfast

      No matter how many health articles there are on this subject, there are still those who skip this vital meal of the day that powers you. When you wake up, your blood sugar is low and eating breakfast replenishes it and gives you energy for the day. You gain Vitamins and nutrients at breakfast from dairy, grains, and fruits.

      Maintain your balance

      Balance is vital for people of every age. It helps you avoid injuries and keeps you active. Keep your body balanced through walking, running, yoga, Tai-chi and other such activities.  Having a good balance gives you a healthier heart, good muscle tone and confidence.

      Drink plenty of water

      Water not only keeps you well-hydrated but also helps flush out toxins. It also helps in weight loss. When you choose to go in for sugary beverages, it increases your risk for Type 2 Diabetes and obesity, if you want a change from plain water, add a little healthy flavor with slices of orange, lime or cucumber.

      Keep yourself moving

      Prolonged periods of sitting are not good for health. Move around, take a walk for 30 minutes every day. Throughout your day, take mini exercise breaks, throw in a couple of lunges or a few exercise moves for a few minutes.

      Wash your hands

      Your fingertips are great sources to spread infection as they harbor bacteria and all of us have a tendency to touch our eyes, nose and mouth frequently. Regularly, wash your hands with warm water and soap and scrub for at least 20 seconds. If you are at a place where you can’t access water easily, keep a hand sanitizer handy.

      Watch what you eat

      Fruits and vegetables are rich in anti-oxidants that strengthen your immune system, load up on them. Probiotics strengthen your immune system and are found in foods like yogurt, kimchi and so on. Green tea strengthens your immune system by increasing T cells. Skip the sugar. Eat while sitting down and chew well.

      Staying healthy mentally

      Find a purpose for life, this will make life more enjoyable. Make sure that stress does not take over your life. Practice yoga, meditation, exercise, pursue a hobby, in short anything that leaves you stress-free. Take good care of yourself. Live in the present, worrying about the future or dwelling in the past are not going to help. All of us are human, if you make a mistake, forgive yourself and don’t keep carrying the load of guilt.

      Never share personal items

      Avoid sharing personal items such as make-up, lip balm, drink and other things that touch your face. This keeps plenty of germs miles away.

      With some care, you too can join the ranks of the Super Healthy!


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