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      Surprising stuff that can damage your liver!

      Your liver is an essential role that has many important functions in the body. This generates many chemicals necessary for our body to function normally. Its other function is also that it detoxifies substances in the body and is also a storage unit.

      Overdose of Vitamin A

      When Vitamin A is got from fresh sources of food such as red, orange and yellow vegetables, there is no issue. However, when it’s consumed in the form of supplements, regular overdoses can harm the liver. If you plan to include extra quantities of Vitamin A as supplements, make sure you check with your doctor before you do so.

      Go slow on the soda

      Research has shown that those who down a lot of sodas are at greater risk for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). Cut down on those sodas, anyways most of them carry far too many calories than are good for you.

      Cut down transfats

      Transfats are common in certain baked goods and packaged foods. These man-made fats not only make you gain weight, they are quite bad for your liver. Watch out for mentions on the packaging such as “partially hydrogenated” ingredients.


      Sugar is quite a big villain and can harm your liver when consumed in large quantities. Make sure you cut down on foods that are rich in refined sugar such as pastries, soda, candy and so on. Taking a lot of refined sugar and high-fructose corn syrup will result in fatty buildup that may ultimately turn into liver disease. Research shows that sugar can damage your liver the same away as alcohol.

      Herbal Supplements

      Most of us think that anything with the tag natural is good for us. However, this is not the case, some herbal supplements can be bad for the liver. For instance, some people swear by a herb named kava kava to relieve menopause symptoms for  relaxation. Studies have revealed that this may harm the liver and even lead to hepatitis and liver failure. In fact, this herb has been banned or restricted in many countries but is still available in the U.S.


      Taking too much of medication that contains acetaminophen can affect your liver. Sometimes when you have a back pain or body pain, you may take a pain reliever with acetaminophen and if you have a cold too, you might take another medication that also contains acetaminophen and this overdose can harm the liver.


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