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      Why are your ankles swollen?

      A swollen ankle is not something that you should ignore. There can be many reasons for it and some can point to something more serious. Get to the underlying reason and treat it if needed.

      Insect bites, stings and burns

      If you are one of those allergic to insect bites or get bitten by a swarm of fleas for instance, it may not just be the place that you were bitten that’s swollen but the entire area. Burn wounds also cause swelling, this may occur due to accidentally spilling boiling water on the legs, exposure to fire or even due to too much time in the sun.

      Pregnancy and obesity

      Pregnancy can cause swelling of the ankles but if this is too sudden or severe, consult the doctor. Obesity puts plenty of pressure on the legs, ankles and feet and this too may cause swelling.

      Wearing tight clothes

      Skinny jeans that are very tight and other tight clothes can restrict normal blood circulation and this can lead to swelling at the ankles.

      Medical conditions & medication

      Certain medical conditions can result in swollen ankles. Cellulitis for instance is a bacterial infection that usually attacks the lower legs. If you find that the skin there is red and swollen, painful or accompanied by fever and muscle aches immediately consult a doctor. If not attended to immediately, it can turn into something more serious.

      One of the symptoms of arthritis and gout is joint swelling. Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is a condition that’s the result of long periods of sitting or standing. In case, you find swelling or pain after being inactive for a while, consult the doctor. Varicose veins may also cause pain, swelling and itchiness.

      If the heart is unable to pump blood effectively, the fluid tends to pool in the lower legs. Such fluid retention may also be due to liver or kidney failure or an underactive thyroid.

      Certain medications especially those prescribed for chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, depression and contraceptives can make the ankles swell.

      Foot injury

      If you have had a foot injury, swelling due to this is quite common. A twist, sprain or broken bone is sure to be accompanied by swelling.


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