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      What is tactile hallucination? Find out.

      Tactile hallucinations consist of feeling imaginary things. This can range from feeling that bugs or snakes are crawling over the skin to severe tactile sensations such as feeling that organs inside the body are shifting. You could call it an abnormal or false sensation of touch or feeling of movement either on the skin or the inside of the body. However, they appear very real to the person experiencing them.

      They can even turn dangerous at times. For instance, someone who has a tactile hallucination that the skin is on fire might jump into a river in a bid to quench the perceived fire! Sensations of flying or floating have also been experienced.

      Common symptoms

      There is a large variety of symptoms that people with Tactile hallucinations may face. The most common are

      • Thinking that skin is stretched over the head.
      • Feeling that snakes, insects or bugs are crawling under the skin or on the body. This is known as formication.
      • Experiencing being kissed or having sex.
      • Thinking that internal organs are moving.
      • Feeling that the skin is itching or burning when it actually is not.

      What causes tactile hallucination?

      Mental illness is one of the key causes and this can be part of discorders such as mania, postpartum psychosis, and severe depression. Illicit drugs such as hallucinogens interrupt the communication between the brain and spinal cord causing sensations that are unreal besides seeing imaginary images and hearing sounds.

      Alcohol abuse or withdrawal can at times create tactile hallucinations. Certain prescription medications can also be the culprit. Usually, this comprises medication prescribed for psychiatric problems such as schizophrenia or for neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s or epilepsy. The solution is to change the medications or dosages. Certain diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, narcolepsy, phantom limb syndrome and lewy body dementia also cause this.


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