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      Top tips to tame your temper

      Are you the kind whom everyone loves till you lose your temper? Anger is not just a negative emotion, it can also lead to a slew of health problems in the long run. The physical effects of uncontrolled anger over a period of time include increased anxiety, high blood pressure and headache.

      Pause before you speak

      In the peak of your anger, you might say things that you regret later. Think a bit, collect your thoughts and then speak. Calm down and express yourself. Be assertive and not confrontational. Go for a direct approach in making your views clear.

      Go for ‘I’ statements

      Don’t criticize or blame the other person as this will only make things worse. Instead choose to use "I" statements when referring to the problem. For example, say, “I’m upset that you did not tell me that you borrowed money,” instead of saying, “You are always hiding things from me!”

      Use relaxation techniques

      When you are angry, take three deep breaths, breathing deeply will help you calm down. When you find your anger soaring, walk away from the source. Go for a five-minute walk or try a bit of yoga, this can help you feel calmer.

      Be empathetic

      Analyze the situation that’s making you angry. Look at things from the shoes of the other person. This can help put things in a better perspective.

      Move forward

      Look for a solution to your anger, just getting angry will go nowhere. For instance, if you are getting stressed and angry with your subordinates at work for not finishing things on time, solve the problem by working out a schedule based on discussions with them. Make detailed plans of the task and factor in time for unexpected delays. In certain cases, you may need to spend time introspecting to find out what exactly is bothering you.



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