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      What does the color of your toenails say?

      Toenails can be good predictors of emerging or existing health disorders. Here’s a look at what the colors of your toenails can tell. Any change in the color of toenails is something that you must watch out for. You might spot yellow, blue, green, black or other colors.

      Green nails

      If your toenails are green, it’s definitely not a good sign. It signifies green-nail syndrome or chloronychia which is an infection. These bacteria are known to live in damp conditions such as sponges, hot tubs and tight-fitting shoes not worn for long.

      Yellow toenails

      This signifies the presence of fungus. An over-the-counter antifungal cream usually does the trick and clears it. However, if you find that your nail is yellow and thick, then file down the surface gently and apply medication to allow it to penetrate deeper. If you still do not find a change, consult a doctor.

      Blue shades

      If you have accidentally stubbed your toenail and it turns blue, don’t worry. However, if you find a blue spot or a blue toenail for no obvious reason, consult a doctor. A blue mole below the nail is harmless usually but in rare instances can develop into cancer.

      White patches

      Have you suddenly found a toenail that's turned white, or does it have large powder-like patches? This is a symptom of a fungal infection known as white superficial onychomycosis. 

      Black toenail

      In case, your nail turns black, this is usually due to a bruise under the nail. This is medically known as a subungual hematoma. It may happen due to stubbing a toe or from footwear when you push your feet into the front of the shoe. In rare cases, this may be due to fungal infection, cancer, a chronic ingrown toenail or other health issues.


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