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    You are here: Home > Pharmacy News | Health Articles/Tips > General > January 21, 2019

      Learn how you can prevent varicose veins

      Varicose veins are basically veins that are twisted and swollen and are usually seen in the legs and feet. Nobody really knows what causes varicose veins. Most of the time, these are harmless and except for their unpleasant appearance, one need not worry. Some might experience skin irritation and leg aches. However, occasionally they can create complications such as blood clots and ulcers that can turn serious.

      Who is at risk?

      You are at a higher risk for varicose veins if you are female, pregnant, overweight, have a family history of varicose veins, getting older and more. The type of job that you do also may increase your risk if you need to stand or sit for long periods of time. For some having DVT or deep vein thrombosis can increase the chances of getting varicose veins.

      Processed sugar can play a role in upping your chances for getting varicose veins. Doctors diagnose varicose veins simply by looking at them.

      How to prevent varicose veins

      To cut down the risk of getting varicose veins, do not sit or stand for long hours. Keep changing positions when you sit or stand. In case you are overweight, exercise and lose weight. Walking is a good way to stay fit, lose excess While sitting, try to put up your legs.

      High heels must be avoided. Try to wear loose-fitting clothes, clothes that are too tight may obstruct blood flow and movement which are both important to maintain good vein health.

      Diet may play an important role in helping prevent varicose veins. A low-salt diet helps as it keeps the body from swelling due to water retention. Go in for plenty of “rutin rich” foods as they are great for circulation. They include buckwheat, blackberries, apples, apricot, and grapes. Replace white flour with wholewheat.



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