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      How to wake up energized every morning

      When the alarm clock buzzes, most of us scowl as we don’t want to get out of bed. Many of us feel fatigued when we wake up. Here are some tips that can help you shake off that fatigue and feel energized.

      What to avoid before you sleep

      Do not take heavy meals, alcohol or caffeine before you sleep. Alcohol does induce sleep but the down side is that it interrupts the REM sleep during the second half of the night and makes you wake up earlier before you get enough rest. Caffeine activates your nervous system and keeps you awake. Heavy meals give you indigestion.

      Keep your bedroom dark and quiet

      A good night’s sleep is important to make you wake up refreshed in the morning. Keep the bedroom dark, quiet and cool. Switch off electronics at night. Make sure your bed is comfortable and the mattress offers ample support.

      Create a bedtime and wake up routine

      Before going to bed, create a routine that will instantly remind you of sleep time, such as listening to some music, meditation and yoga and so on. Create a wake up routine as well, perhaps waking up and stretching a bit or exercising.

      Allow the sunshine in

      Letting in the sunlight in the morning is a positive way to wake up. Even if you are using blackout blinds, make sure there is some space at the edges that lets the morning light in. This reinforces your circadian rhythms and uplifts your energy.

      Cold water helps

      A cold shower will perk you up and give you a burst of energy. If you feel that you can’t handle that, splash on some cold water on your face.

      Drink water

      Once you wake up, have at least one glass of water. This will make you feel awake and hydrate your system.

      Make it fun to wake up

      Whenever you have something exciting expected to happen that day, remember how you wake up early? Recreate that excitement by keeping one special activity for the first part of the day.



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