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      Let's bust these wrinkle myths!

      A wrinkle is essentially a fold, ridge or crease in otherwise smooth skin. These can appear due to numerous reasons ranging from sleeping positions, sun damage, weight loss and the major cause being aging.

      Myth: All wrinkles are the same

      No, they definitely are not. Fine lines for instance are genetic wrinkles while deeper wrinkles are the result of sun damage. One of the key types are dynamic wrinkles which are caused when you contract the muscles in your face, for instance when you smile or frown. What happens is that the skin above these muscles bunches together which results in lines between the eyebrows, forehead and the outer corners of the eyes known as crow's feet. Once the muscles in your face are relaxed, they disappear.

      Static wrinkles are the result of gravity, the loss of fat and collagen or the skin's elasticity. When one is younger, even repetitive facial movements do not impact the skin, however when one grows older, the skin does not bounce back and static wrinkles are formed. These apart as one ages, the skin gets thinner and this can cause sagging resulting in wrinkle folds which usually appear between the nose and mouth.

      Myth: Sunscreen is needed only when it’s sunny

      Your skin needs protection in all kinds of weather, not just sunny days. 80 and 90 percent of visible skin aging is the result of sun exposure. Even on cloudy days, a whopping 80 percent of the sun’s rays have the capacity to touch your skin.

      Myth: Moisturizing skin reverses wrinkles

       Most facial moisturizers cannot reverse existing wrinkles or prevent future ones from occurring. However, what they do is that they hydrate the skin, this plumps up the face reducing the appearance of fine lines. Certain creams and serums can help though, especially those with retinol.

      Myth: if your mother has no wrinkles, you won’t too

      Genes do have a role in the way your skin ages but this is no guarantee you won’t get wrinkles.


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