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    You are here: Home > Over-the-Counter Products > Candid–B (Clotrimazole–Beclomethasone)

      Candid–B (Clotrimazole–Beclomethasone)

      Ingredients: Clotrimazole IP, Beclomethazone Dipropionate IP (Benzyl Alcohol IP, Methylparaben IP , Propylparaben IP) Cream Base

      Uses: Used for the purpose of Psoriasis, eczema, Uchensimplex, lichen planus, anal and vulval pruritus, seborrhoeic dermatlts, contact dermatits, otitis externa.Fungal infection of external ear and Susceptible fungal infections including oropharyngeal, candidiasis, dermatophytosis, superficial mycosis. Cutaneous candidiasis, vulvovaginal candidiasis, prophylaxis of oropharyngeal candidiasis in neutropenic patients.

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      Candid-B Cream 10g
      QuantityPrice (US$)Savings 
      3 Tubes$18.15 
      6 Tubes
      $36.30 $33.00
      Save $3.30
      9 Tubes
      $54.45 $48.26
      Save $6.19
      12 Tubes
      $72.60 $59.40
      Save $13.20
      MANUFACTURER: Glenmark
      Candid-B Cream 20g
      QuantityPrice (US$)Savings 
      3 Tubes$24.75 
      6 Tubes
      $49.50 $45.00
      Save $4.50
      9 Tubes
      $74.25 $65.82
      Save $8.43
      12 Tubes
      $99.00 $81.00
      Save $18.00
      MANUFACTURER: Glenmark
      Candid-B Lotion 15ml
      QuantityPrice (US$)Savings 
      3 Bottles$35.88 
      6 Bottles
      $71.76 $65.24
      Save $6.52
      9 Bottles
      $107.64 $95.41
      Save $12.23
      12 Bottles
      $143.52 $117.43
      Save $26.09
      MANUFACTURER: Glenmark
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    Posted By... IDMRx User | 2013-09-25
    can i ask you a question. so, i want to know how much is a tube candid cream? and how much is the salicylic 5% ? thank you very much! please answer soon! Reply
    International Drug Mart
    Hi, Our product Candid-B cream 10g 3 tubes costs $18.15 + $12.99 (Shipping Charges).
    Posted By... IDMRx User | 2012-10-09
    Is Candid B good for healing fungal infection behind the neck? Reply
    Replied by Pharmacist @ IDM
    Yes!!! Candid B cures your fungal infection behind your neck and initially try for 2 days if it persist irritation then stop using it and consult your physician. If it didn't give any irritation then you can apply on the affected areas.
    Posted By... IDMRx User | 2012-04-02
    Please give me condid b performance bez I have skin problem, I have black spot on the skin. Reply
    Replied by Pharmacist @ IDM
    Hi, Candid B is used to treat swelling and skin rashes due to infections and it wont use to remove black spot.
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