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      Ingredients: Thiamine Monohydrate IP, Riboflavin IP, Pyridoxime Hydrochloride IP, Cyanocobalamine Triturate, Cyanocobalamine, Nicotimaine IP, Calcium Panthotheate IP.
      Uses: Used To help with tiredness and forgetfulness

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    Posted By... IDMRx User | 2013-07-09
    Just want to know the supplement for MCVIT tablet. Reply
    Replied by Pharmacist @ IDM
    Hi, McVIT capsules is an Antioxidant contains Vitamins and Minerals. Vitamins play a crucial role in preventing or delaying the onset of major degenerative diseases. McVIT capsules functions synergestically with Vitamin E to prevent lipid peroxidation. McVIT capsules are more effective chain breaking anti-oxidant which protects cell members from peroxidative damage. McVIT capsules is the first line plasma anti-oxidant, strongest reductant and free radical scavenger. McVIT also have the immune boosting factors.
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