Amlodipine 10mg Tablet

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Amlodipine 10mg tablet is a calcium channel blocker used to treat and prevent angina (chest pain) and lower blood pressure. This relaxes the coronary arteries and this allows blood to flow more easily. This may be used in other treatments based on the decision of your physician.

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About Amlodipine Besylate 10 mg Tablets:

Amlodipine 10 mg tablets belong to a genre called calcium channel blockers. These are labelled as CCBs in short. CCBs essentially aid in controlling the stiffness of your arteries and other blood vessels. Key chemicals used in CCBs block calcium from gaining access to the cardiac muscles and arteries. As a net result, your blood vessels tend to widen, leading to management of blood pressure at an optimal level.

What is Amlodipine 10 mg tablet used for?

Amlodipine 10 mg tablets are used for treating hypertension. Better management of pressure level can help prevent heart arrests and strokes. These pills can reduce likely risks of renal problems.

Amlodipine 10 mg Tablet Uses:

The key task these pills perform is reduction of high blood pressure. Those who decide to have high blood pressure to remain untreated run the risk of conditions like kidney dysfunction, strokes, cardiac failure, etc.

Amlodipine 10 mg pill assists in the relaxation of arteries. This action enables blood to flow easily through your blood vessels. An unobstructed flow of blood maintains pressure level under better control.

Amlodipine 10 mg tablets are also taken for preventing angina. This condition is also termed as chest pain. Consumption of this drug helps users to pursue regular workouts and daily exercises. Users of these pills can prevent the incidence of angina is prevented. Also, users report of chest pains, if they occur, at lesser intensity. It is not a safe practice to consume amlodipine 10 mg pills if you do not have angina or chest pain.

Storage Instructions:

You are advised to store these pills at ambient temperature. It is a safe thing to keep it away from moisture and light sources. For example, it is unsafe to keep amlodipine 10 mg tablets in your toilets or bathroom. This is because of the likely risks of interactions with moisture content there.

It is equally important to keep it out of reach of pets as well as children. It is highly recommended to carefully read all the storage instructions printed on the pack. In order to obtain more inputs about how to store these pills, you can seek needful assistance from your pharmacist.

Unused or expired amlodipine 10 mg tablets must never be flushed into kitchen or toilet drains. Discard the pills in a safe manner. You can talk to a waste handling service provider or your pharmacist about how to dispose expired or unused tablets.


Foremost of all precautions, inform your treating physician if you have experienced any prior spells of allergies or hypersensitivity while using calcium channel blockers. Some users respond adversely to inactive and passive chemicals present in amlodipine 10 mg tablets. It becomes essential to talk to your caregiving team to know of likely risks from passive constituents.

Users living with medical conditions like cardiac problems, hypertension or liver disorders must keep their caregiving team updated of such ailments. Users who are planning to go for a surgical procedure or dental treatment must tell their surgeon or dentist about consumption of amlodipine 10 mg pills. Your surgical team will advise discontinuing these pills for a few days prior to your surgery. This is mainly because of likely interactions with drugs used for anesthesia.

More than other age groups, elderly users are prone to a few severe side effects. If you observe adverse outcomes like dizziness or drowsiness, elders are prone to fall. Hence, doses are moderated to ensure elders do not witness accidental falls or to avoid passing out.

Some users of amlodipine 10 mg pills, in order to obtain faster relief, have consumed a larger dosage of this drug. An overdose may result in a few adverse effects. Larger dosing may cause stomach conditions such as dyspepsia, diarrhea or watery stools, sweating profusely, rapid heartbeats, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, etc. If you are witnessing any of these abovementioned symptoms, you are advised to consult with your doctor or pharmacist on an urgent mode.

Users who have somehow forgotten a dose of amlodipine 10 mg tablet may take it as they remember it. However, if 11 hours have already lapsed from the time of the missed dose, it is not safe to consume the dose you missed. In all such instances, it is a safe thing to skip the dose you missed. Instead, it is highly recommended to wait for next dosage and take it without forgetting it. Caveat: users who consumed 2 doses in a shorter interval of time witnessed amlodipine 10 mg side effects. They may also experience symptoms of toxicity of amlodipine besylate 10 mg.

Above all, you need to know that the information furnished here are only of supplementary nature. The contents you read here do not substitute a certified caregiving team’s advice and instructions. This article is not suggesting that the consumption of these pills as appropriate or safe to you. Hence it is highly recommended to consult with your physician prior to starting your medication plan involving the intake of amlodipine 10 mg tablet.



What is amlodipine 10 mg?

Amlodipine 10 mg tablets are widely prescribed for the treatment of high blood pressure. An optimal blood pressure helps avoid strokes, kidney disorders and heart conditions like cardiac arrests. These tablets help catalyse relaxation of blood vessels. This enables better blood flow and brings down elevated blood pressure.

Can amlodipine 10 mg be taken twice a day?

The usual dosage is only once per day. It is taken orally. In some cases, 5 mg is offered as a maintenance dose. The maximum dose must not exceed 10 mg within a 24-hour timeline. At times, the single dose of this pill is administered with a few other antihypertensives for better management of pressure levels.

Side effects of amlodipine 10 mg tablets?

Amlodipine 10 mg tablets are known to cause a few discomforts. Commonly experienced adverse effects are inflammation of feet or ankles. In some users, a warm feeling, shortened breathing cycles, tight feeling in your chest region, being dizzy, erratic heartbeats, reddening of neck or facial organs, etc. are witnessed.

Price of amlodipine 10 mg tablets?

The price of amlodipine 10 mg tablets is in the range of $12 for 30 pills. Amlodipine 10 mg price depends on the type of pharmacy and the state you reside in.

Cost of amlodipine 10 mg tablets without insurance?

Without insurance, amlodipine 10 mg cost ranges from $12 onwards for a pack of 30. However, you can search for better deals with online pharmacies and with physical drugstores to avail deeper price-offs. Memberships with a few of the programs and schemes these pharmacies offer may assist in getting attractive discounts on cost of amlodipine 10 mg.

Is 10 mg of amlodipine a high dose?

Maximum dosage should never breach 10 mg per day. In a few instances, 5 mg doses are offered per day on a maintenance mode. The standard dosage however is 1 dose each day. Doses are taken through the oral route.

What is the best time of the day to take 10 mg of amlodipine tablet?

You can take amlodipine 10 mg tablets either in the evening or morning. The timing of the dose does not matter. You are advised to take it at the same timeslot every day all through the treatment plan. Those who took amlodipine 10 mg pill at the same time could saw better control of blood pressure. Moreover, you can administer this drug either before or after a meal.

How much does 10 of amlodipine mg tablets lower blood pressure?

A few studies show that doses of amlodipine besylate 10 mg tablets can cause a systolic pressure (top reading) drop of 9 mmHg and a diastolic drop (bottom reading) by 5 mmHg.

Does amlodipine 10 mg tablets make you sleepy?

As this drug can make your drowsy, never take alcohol along with this drug. As an extended safety measure, do not work on heavy machines or engage in activities like driving or sporting actions. Those who are habituated to drink alcohol on a daily basis must inform about such lifestyle habits to your doctor. Your caregiver will tell you to reduce the daily intake level or completely stop drinking alcohol.

Who should not take amlodipine tablets?

Those who have prior liver conditions, cardiac ailments and renal problems must keep away from this med. If you have cirrhosis or inflammation of liver (hepatitis), your doctor must be made aware of the severity of these conditions, your current medication plans and presence of other allied ailments, if any.

What should not be taken along with amlodipine tablet?

This pill may work in a counterproductive manner with drugs that bring down your blood pressure level. Coadministration with other antihypertensive meds can make pressure drop down to a very low level. Such practices may lead to a very serious condition called hypotension. You can detect the onset of low pressure through a few of its signs like drowsiness, being dehydrated, dizziness, shallow breathing to name a few.

What should you avoid while taking amlodipine 10 mg tablets?

This pill interacts adversely with meds that block liver enzymes. Hence, never take it along with drugs that require enzymes like CYP3A or other such substances.

Side effects of stopping amlodipine tablet?

Stopping to take amlodipine besylate 10 mg tablets can cause a few withdrawal symptoms. You may witness discomforts like rebound of hypertension, pain in chest, migraines, being dizzy and drowsy. Owing to these effects, it is unsafe to stop amlodipine 10 mg tablet in an abrupt manner. Your caregiving team is more likely to taper the last few doses before bringing your dosages to a complete stop.

Should I take amlodipine if my blood pressure is low?

It is unsafe to take amlodipine 10 mg tablet when your blood pressure is already low. Intake of this med while you are having a hypotensive spell may bring the pressure level to a veery low level. You may experience tremors, involuntary shaking of your body, acute episodes of headache, excessive level of sweating, loss of coordination, etc.

Can I take amlodipine every other day?

The standard dose is one dose per day. As amlodipine is never taken on an OTC mode, it is important to adhere to all the directions of your caregiving team. In some one-off cases, your physician may advise taking amlodipine 10 mg tablets once every other day. Such a dosage plan depends on your pressure level, your age, body weight, intake of other meds and also based on the presence of other ailments, if any.

Can amlodipine tablet cause anxiety?

Studies indicate the amlodipine-related anxieties are not common. As CCBs block channel of calcium that often cause anxiety, you need to report to your doctor of restlessness if you witness such an effect.

Is amlodipine a controlled substance?

This med is not a controlled substance.

Where can I buy Amlodipine 10mg over the counter?

When you have high blood pressure, consuming amlodipine 10mg shall help in preventing future heart disease, heart attacks and strokes like condition. Amlodipine over the counter is also used for the prevention of chest pain which is caused due to heart disease (angina). This medication is only available on prescription. It comes as tablets or as a liquid to swallow.

Can I buy Amlodipine 10mg without a prescription?

Amlodipine 10mg over the counter is a prescription medication that is used with or without other medications. This medicine Amlodipine without prescription cannot be found. One can treat high blood pressure, and it also helps in lowering blood pressure to prevent condition like stroke, heart attack, and kidney problems. As a prescription medication, this amlodipine shall also need buyers to be in possession of a valid doctor’s prescription before they can complete a purchase of the same.



The health and medical information that we have provided are meant to supplement and not substitute the advice of your physician, pharmacists or other health care professionals. This does not suggest that usage of Amlodipine is safe, appropriate or effective for you. Always ensure that you take this or any other drug only after consulting your physician.

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5 reviews for Amlodipine 10mg Tablet

  1. Patricia Anderson

    Amlodipine has been a reliable choice for me. I’ve been taking it for some time, and it has effectively lowered my blood pressure. No complaints on the side effects front. Great product!

  2. Mary White

    Combining Lisinopril and Amlodipine has been a smart move for my blood pressure management. It’s working well for me, and I haven’t experienced any adverse reactions. Thank you for this option!

  3. Christopher Taylor

    I switched to Amlodipine Besylate 5mg tablets after trying a few other medications. This one has been the most effective with no side effects to report. It’s a winner in my book!

  4. Susan Brown

    I was initially worried about side effects, but Amlodipine Benazepril has proven to be gentle on me. It keeps my blood pressure in check without any issues. I’m a happy customer!

  5. James Harris

    Amlodipine Besylate has made a significant difference in my life. My blood pressure is stable, and I haven’t noticed any troublesome side effects. I’m grateful for this medication.

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