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Drug Information
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What does Baclofen treat?

Baclofen treats muscle spasms related to certain disorders such as multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy and spinal cord injury or disease. This comes under the class of muscle relaxants. It works by relaxing the muscles and this helps in relieving muscle stiffness and improves movements. This may be used in other treatments based on the decision of your physician.

Possible Side Effects

Baclofen does not have any major side effects and if any, they are minor and temporary. In rare cases, there might be major side effects and immediate medical attention must be sought. Side effects cannot be anticipated in advance.

Some of the side effects are drowsiness, dizziness, increased urination, headache, insomnia, nausea, constipation, tiredness, and weakness. Serious side effects that might take place are breathing problems, confusion, chest pain, seizures, uneven heartbeat and fainting. This is not the complete list though.

In case, there is a change in intensity of side effects or if any new side effects develop, make sure you consult your doctor.

Dosage Instructions

Follow the Baclofen dosage prescribed by your physician. The dosage could vary based on individual patient requirements. You can choose to have it with or without food.

Missed a dose?

Take it immediately once you remember. In case, this time is closer to the next dosage, skip it and get back to the prescribed schedule. Never ever double the doses unless your doctor specifically instructs you so.


Don’t waste any time and seek immediate medical attention. Overdose symptoms that you might face are vomiting, drowsiness, trouble breathing, fainting and seizures.

Drug Interactions

Drug interactions must be considered before starting to take any kind of drug. Drug interactions might happen either when Baclofen is taken along with another drug or with particular foods. To prevent any kind of negative interaction, make sure you inform your doctor of any drugs you are taking including OTCs, vitamins, minerals, herbal medicine and so on.

Baclofen interacts with:

 • Carbamazepine

 • Chlorpromazine

 • Risperidone 

• Trazodone 

It may also can interact with depression medicines, antihistamines, pain-relievers, anti-seizure medication and sleep medicines. The list above is not exhaustive and drugs other than those could also interact with Baclofen.

It’s important that you do not stop or start taking any medicine without the consent of your physician.

Where can I buy Baclofen over the counter in the USA?

Federal law says that you must speak to a doctor before receiving any prescription medication, including Baclofen. Baclofen without prescription is not allowed to get. This also means that you cannot just order Baclofen Over The Counter from a website and have it delivered to your door. However, you can book a doctor appointment to get a baclofen prescription online as Baclofen without prescription is not available.

Can I buy Baclofen without a prescription?

Baclofen Over The Counter oral tablet is a prescription drug that is only available in oral form. There is no brand-name version available for this medication. Baclofen without prescription medication that is not available over-the-counter. However, Baclofen is the medicine that is not considered a controlled substance.

What to ask your doctor before you start on Baclofen

  • Can I take Baclofen along with other drugs?
  •  Are there certain foods, beverages and products to be avoided while on Baclofen? 
  •  What is the dosage of Baclofen to be consumed? 
  •  How should I use Baclofen? 
  •  How will Baclofen work in my body?
  •  How can the drug interactions and side effects of Baclofen be minimized or completely avoided?


The health and medical information that we have provided are meant to supplement and not substitute the advice of your physician, pharmacists or other health care professionals. This does not suggest that usage of Baclofen is safe, appropriate or effective for you. Always ensure that you take this or any other drug only after consulting your physician.


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