Gout can be treated through multiple approaches. Commonly used approaches include traditional treatment methods as well as administration of drugs under medical supervision. Essential oils play a crucial role in the treatment of this medical condition.

Gout is a medical condition which is associated with aging. Clinical studies show that it affects more men than women. Doctors have identified what causes this condition. The identified causes include intake of excessive alcohol, regular consumption of soda, presence of medical conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. Other risk factors include genetics as well as obesity.

Essential oils are used for treating gout. People have responded well to these oils and have reported a decrease in pain. The composition of each human body is unique. Hence, which of these essential oils might work for you can be understood only by trying each of these oils. Ten of these essential oils are listed below along with benefits of each.

#1. Rosemary essential oil

This oil has an abundance of anti-inflammatory properties. It is known for treating your swollen joints, which is a common symptom of gout. It acts on the receptors in your body that process pain. Rosemary essential oil also enhances blood circulation. An increased flow of blood can help discard crystals of uric acid. However, it is widely regarded as unsafe for women planning to become pregnant or already pregnant. The reason being, this oil can cause contraction of the uterus.

#2. Thyme essential oil

This oil has sizeable antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents. The key function of this essential oil is to decrease the formation of nitric acid in your body. Nitric acid can trigger the swelling of your joints. Thyme essential oil can activate your immunity, and it works well against gout which is an autoimmune disease. This oil can also remove unnecessary fluids and salts from your system. Owing to its diuretic properties, you are advised to increase the intake of fluids to avoid risks of dehydration.

#3. Chamomile essential oil

Clinical studies reveal abundant presence of anti-inflammatory properties in this essential oil. This oil works much like Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) while acting on your swollen joints. As an added benefit, chamomile essential oil also has unique analgesic properties. It also has moderate sedative properties and is equally helpful in reducing anxiety, pains and other discomforts of gout.


#4. Lemon essential oil

This oil can remove crystals of uric acid and can reduce pains. Like other essential oils, this may be applied with carrier oils for better results. For people suffering from chronic condition of gout, this oil can establish a proper pH level. You are advised to ensure the oil meets food grade standards.

#5. Peppermint essential oil

This oil is a naturally made icy-hot and hence is most commonly used in the treatment of gout. The main ingredient of this oil is menthol which is endowed with plenty of analgesic and anti-inflammatory strengths. Like most essential oils, its application is also recommended with carrier oils. Upon drying, the applied area gives you a warm sensation, offering relief from symptoms of gout.

#6. Lavender essential oil

This oil is known for its diuretic (equivalent to water-pills) and anti-inflammatory capabilities. Its aroma can calm your mind against stress and anxieties caused by gout. It is a proven healer of swollen joints and pains associated with this medical condition. An additional benefit is its ability to bring down blood pressure which is another common risk related to gout.

#7. Basil essential oil

This oil works on gout both on its own as well as with other essential oils. It is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It also has capabilities to activate certain type of receptors (such as cannabinoids), to reduce pain in your joints. A few other merits of this essential oil include removal of crystals of uric acid through enhancing the flow of blood. Due to these benefits, a growing number of experts claim basil essential oil as the best option available to treat gout.

#8. Birch essential oil

Oil extracted from birch buds has both analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. These help in discarding uric acid crystals from your system by restoring proper flow of blood. Studies indicate that this oil contains substances similar to aspirin. These substances play a vital role in hastening your recovery process.

#9. Ginger essential oil

This oil helps detox your body and reduces the common symptoms of gout. Medical research indicates that a sizeable number of patients have reported relief by using this oil. Their relief has been found to be more pronounced in reducing inflammation of joints and pains associated with it. Its use is recommended only for topical use, with suitable carrier oils. However, ginger may have adverse side effects if you also have other medical conditions. It is hence strongly recommended to seek the consent of your treating doctor before starting to use this essential oil.

#10. Turmeric essential oil

This is another essential oil endowed with analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Its main function is to decrease the swelling of your joints and also reduce pains related to this medical condition. It has been in use for centuries for treatment of several autoimmune diseases. It can protect your body from the build-up of uric acid and its crystals.

Each individual with gout may respond differently to each of these essential oils. But how to find the oil that best suits your current medical condition? The best way to find it is by using these oils. As you use various types of these essential oils, you will find the one suiting best to your body type. It is the oil that alleviates the symptoms is considered best for your condition. Some of these oils may have to be used regularly while others might need a limited use. It is highly recommended to seek medical advice from your treating doctor about the modes as well as timeline for using essential oils.


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