Our world has come to terms with the risks associated with high blood pressure. There are of course drugs available for treating this medical condition. However, essential oils are gaining popularity to treat hypertension.

You may be experiencing high blood pressure if you are having dizziness, pain in your chest, blurring of your eyesight, and if you are gasping for breath. Clinical research indicates that smoking, consumption of alcohol, living under greater level of anxiety, intake of diet rich in salt and fats, etc as reasons for its incidence.

As much as our world is waking up to the risks of hypertension, it has also understood the importance of essential oils in treating such conditions. Essential oils are extracted from different parts of plants and trees. Unlike most drugs, these essential oils attack the root cause of the ailment and not merely on the symptoms of the disorder. 13 such essential oils are listed here.

#1. Lemon oil

This oil is widely used for decreasing the levels of anxiety as well as to stabilize your heartbeat. Lemon oil is mixed with water (preferably warm water) and ingested. It is used as a body rub during massage. It is a known fact that consumption of at least 1.5 liters of lemonade can reduce dizziness and lightheaded feeling associated with the build-up of blood pressure. As an added benefit, lemon oil is known to possess curative properties to treat renal dysfunction, especially stones in your kidneys.

#2. Lavender oil

This oil is popular for its ability to reduce stress. It can also decrease your heart rate. This oil in general can boost the health of your nerves. This is a preferred choice among other oils because of its ability to make you feel relaxed. Owing to this, it is highly used as a cure for sleeplessness, nausea and hypertension. Added advantages of this oil include its ability to calm people with mental disorders such as mood swings, depression and bipolar disorders. It is also a naturally available product for the treatment of pain, restlessness and headaches. This oil is added to baths as well as used while massaging your body.

#3. Frankincense oil

This oil is known for its ability to reduce your stress levels. This effect is achieved through calming your heart rate. It works on your nerves as well as your blood pressure to bring about a calming effect. It has substances called as sesquiterpenes – which is a rich variant of the terpene family. These substances help in boosting your energy level and can thus make you more active. People who have smelled or used this oil have noted a sudden gush of high energy in their body. This oil is either inhaled through a diffuser or directly rubbed onto your body.

#4. Cedarwood oil

The key function of this oil is to decrease the rate of your heartbeat. It makes you feel relaxed and thus stabilizes your blood pressure. It can be used in multiple ways; as an additive to your bath, inhaled through a diffuser or plainly rubbed onto your body for direct effects.

#5. Clary sage oil

This oil has the ability to decrease both diastolic and systolic blood pressure. Its function is unique as it has properties to reduce your hypertension level without making you feel relaxed. As added benefits, the oil has its use in treating renal problems as well as gastric (digestive) dysfunction. It can be inhaled through a diffuser or through a cotton swab.

#6. Valerian oil

This oil works as a calming agent, and thus relaxes your blood pressure. This is widely used owing to its capabilities to address the root cause of hypertension. The excessive amount of aromatic compounds found in this oil makes it a dependable tranquillizing agent. Its usage is either through direct rubbing or massaging. It is usually rubbed onto your feet and head.

#7. Yarrow oil

Yarrow belongs to a family of daisies. Apart from its roots, almost all part of its plant is used for making this oil. It is a dependable and time-tested item for enhancing your blood circulation. This is gaining popularity among people who run the risks of cardiac arrests as well as vascular disorders. This oil helps stabilize the flow of blood to normalize your blood pressure. It is mild and hence can be ingested by adding it to water (preferably warm water) or can be inhaled through a diffuser (after needful dilution with suitable base oils).

#8. Geranium oil

This is another calming agent that can cure insomnia and restlessness. It combines its ability to maintain your high energy levels as well as helps you calm your nerves. A calmer mind and a relaxed body are the basic prerequisites for reducing high blood pressure. Experts advise inhaling it during your bed time either through a diffuser or a cotton swab.

#9. Bergamot oil

This oil is widely used for curing mood swings and mental disorders such as depression. It is also increasingly used for replenishing your energy level. Its use is found to bring down the pulse rate as well as your heart rate. In effect, it reduces high blood pressure. This oil also finds its use in aromatherapy. Inhaling this oil for 10 minutes can bring down stress levels and can relax your mind.

#10. Ylang Ylang oil

Its aroma helps reduce anxiety and stress. It possesses marked levels of sedative compounds. The additional merits of this oil include antiseptic and antidepressant properties. Such properties make it a widely popular remedy to reduce stress levels.

#11. Sweet marjoram oil

This oil is used for the reduction of stress levels in your myocardial muscles. Hence, it is used to minimize risks attached to cardiac arrests and hypertension. Its ability to relax your mind as well as bring down anxiety levels is the main reason for its wide usage. These benefits aside, this oil can also boost hormonal health, promote functioning of your brain and can also remove muscular cramps.

#12. Melissa oil

This oil is found to have sedative properties. Such properties can help relax your mind. Its calming effect brings down your stress levels, heart beat and pulse rates. It is also found to work while you have palpitations.

#13. Nutmeg oil

This oil is renowned for its ability to reduce pain and inflammation. It is also used to restore your energies as well as calm a stressed mind. The best way to use this is oil is to inhale it through a diffuser. It is often used during winter times while weather conditions can add to your stress.

There are a few other equally powerful essential oils used for the reduction of high blood pressure. Such oils include neroli oil (commonly known as orange blossom), mandarin oil (does a lot of good to the functioning of your liver and health of nerves), valerian root oil (host of benefits include ability to cure sleeplessness, anxiety as well as needless stress), rose oil (a cooling as well as calming agent), etc.

You are however advised to consult your doctor about other possible treatments needed for curing your current health condition. Though essential oils can reduce your blood pressure levels and tension, your doctor may advise alternative approaches to reduce the risks associated with hypertension.

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