Juice extracted from oranges is a drink of choice of many Americans. This juice has a lot of health benefits. In the sections below, these benefits are listed with details. So, have you not included orange juice into your daily diet yet? These following sections may help you understand the benefits this juice abundantly offers.

Most of the health benefits of orange juice stems from its ability to protect your body. It owes most of its powers to a healthy share of anti-inflammatory substances as well as flavonoids present in it. Fifteen (15) major benefits are listed below to comprehend how this juice can help lead a healthy lifestyle, and also for your overall wellbeing.

#1. Protects your body from risks of cancer

Orange juice bears a substance called hesperidin, an antioxidant. This substance has the ability to inhibit the growth of malignant tumors. Regular intake of orange juice is found to prevent risks associated with occurrence of colon cancer. In general, rich amounts of antioxidants present in this juice lend added protection to your body. The key benefit of this juice is its ability to maintain the health of your cells as well as ensuring that cells do not become cancerous in nature.

#2. Abundant supplier of vitamin C

Vitamin C can help your body from adverse developments such as likely damages of tissues, which may lead to premature aging. It is recommended to take two servings of orange juice every day. Inclusion of the juice in your daily diet is a sure way to enhance the intake of vitamin C.

#3. Naturally available detoxing agent

Kidneys play an important role in eliminating waste from your body. Intake of orange juice enhances the functioning of your kidneys. Thus, the juice works as a detoxing agent and makes sure toxins are flushed out of your body efficiently. A healthy renal system only means your detoxed self is not a distant goal.

#4. Boosts eye health

Orange juice is recommended for improving your eye health. Its ability to promote health of eyes originates from the sizeable amount of vitamin A stored in it. It is often advised to drink orange juice along with carrot juice for better eyesight. In addition, the drink can also prevent damages of tissues in your eyes.

#5. Ability to enhance your immunity levels

Patients – especially those who have had injuries – are recommended to add orange juice to their daily diet. This is mainly because of the curative properties of this juice. Research done on orange juice shows that intake of a glass of this juice can provide almost twice the daily requirement of vitamin C to your body. It is no wonder your body heals better and sooner as a direct outcome.


#6. Promotes growth of new tissues

Collagen is one of the proteins that helps your skin to stay tighter and firmer. This protein is composed of amino acids. It is increasingly seen in connective tissues; especially in your skin, tendons and ligaments. Orange juice has a fundamental constituent of collagen called ascorbic acid. Presence of this acid helps new tissues to grow faster as well as prevents skin damage. Ascorbic acid is also known for its ability to repair tissues.

#7. Helps to keep your liver healthy

A key benefit of drinking orange juice rests in its ability to promote digestion. The juice also helps avoid fermentation of food. As improper digestion is a constant threat to your liver, intake of this juice helps keep such threats at bay.

#8. Protection from diabetes and heart ailments

High intake of sugars and fats may lead to inflammation of several parts of your body. These adverse signs can cause other disorders such as cardiac dysfunction, diabetes, etc. Orange juice has considerable level of anti-inflammatory capabilities. The goodness of this juice lies in its ability to spot inflammation at the budding stage as well as nipping it before it turns into a serious medical condition.

#9. Boosts circulation of blood

Folate is a form of vitamin B9. It is a unique substance, because this is the most natural form of the vitamin B9. It helps in breaking down a few toxic items (such as homocysteine) into more useful constituents (like methionine). Orange juice is known for its folate content. Folate present in this juice helps produce red blood cells and also facilitates flow of blood to all parts of your body. As a result, your body’s oxygen needs are provided for adequately.

#10. Healing properties of orange juice

The juice is rich with flavonoids; substances known for their ability to catalyse healing as well as reducing pain. These substances yield copious amounts of anti-inflammatory capabilities to this fruit juice. Natural therapists – especially those treating arthritis and other autoimmune diseases – often recommend orange juice as a dietary supplement to heal such chronic medical conditions.

#11. Eases your blood pressure

Hesperidin is an antioxidant and is water soluble. This plant-based substance helps in easing the flow of blood through vessels. It has been observed that hesperidin can enable ease blood flow even in tiny blood vessels. As a result, your blood pressure remains well-managed and cardiac health gets needful boost.

#12. Assists you in meeting your weight loss goals

Obesity is fast becoming a global threat to human beings. Foods we consume as well as a sedentary lifestyle are key influencers of weight gain. Citrus fruits – such as orange, lemon, etc. – are popular for their ability to help shed extra pounds from your body. The caveat however is, orange juice needs to be consumed without adding sweeteners – especially artificial ones.

#13. Helps avoid formation of kidney stones

Potassium citrate is a substance which renders lesser acidity to your urine. Thus it helps your kidneys dispose uric acid. The elimination of this acid is important to avoid medical conditions such as kidney stones, gout, etc. Orange juice has the alkalizing powers due to the presence of potassium citrate in it. This juice is also known for its ability to avoid many other renal conditions.


#14. Treatment of rickets

This is a medical condition commonly seen in children. It is caused by weakened as well as softer bones. As a result, children with this condition may have impaired motor skills. Food research has identified the presence of rare compounds in orange juice; these substances are found to help prevent rickets and other associated muscular health issues among children.

#15. Helps avoid ulcers

Formation of internal injuries in your intestinal tract can lead to ulcers. The most vulnerable parts are your small intestine as well as the stomach. The internal bleeding can also lead to other side effects such as abdominal pain, nausea, tiredness, constipation, etc. If left untreated, an internal ulcer can lead to near-fatal conditions. Doctors recommend regular intake of orange juice to avert possible risks. The juice helps by boosting the functioning of your gastro intestinal system. It is also recommended as a constant dietary addition to those who are likely to develop internal bleeding and injuries caused by ulcers.

Apart from these benefits, orange juice is also capable of making your skin stay younger (because of an abundance of vitamin C), boosting your metabolism, etc. Oranges are known for their powers to increase good – HDL – cholesterol and reduce bad – LDL – cholesterol and promote repair of cells. These properties help it to keep conditions like arthrosclerosis and a few other cardiac ailments at bay.

Its rich vitamin C content is a widely known fact. Other nutrients found in this juice include potassium, fiber, magnesium, copper, proteins, etc. In terms of calories, a single serving of this juice (say, about 100 ml) has about 45 calories.

Possible risks of consuming orange juice

You are advised not to opt for canned or frozen juices. Also, it is not recommended to consume concentrates of orange juices. Most of the processing done on the extracted juices can make them lose their essential properties and health benefits. Also, addition of artificial sweeteners and sugars can also impair the benefits of this juice. Hence it is recommended to drink freshly extracted juices.

You may also need to be watchful on the acidity levels of this juice. The pH value of this juice is about 4.0. This means you may have a mild heartburn on consuming it.
Orange juices may also increase your blood sugar levels immediately after consumption because of its fairly high glycemic index. You are hence advised to take the juice in moderate sized servings.

In essence, orange juice has a lot of health benefits. It can enhance your skin health, eye sight, vascular health, prevent cell damage and boost your immunity levels. The high levels of vitamin C make the juice a dependable source of energy and also of other essential nutrients such as vitamin A, potassium, B-complex vitamins, calcium, etc. However, those with diabetes may need to consult with their treating doctor before including orange juice as a regular addition to their daily diet.


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