Mucus made by your respiratory passages is called phlegm. It is a liquid-based gel that has immunoglobulins, glycoproteins, lipids as well as other such chemicals. The chemical structure and ingredients of phlegm depends upon genetic factors, weather conditions and also based on your immunity. Meds are widely used to break phlegm. One such med is ambroxol. Do you know ambroxol dosage for adults? Also, do you have adequate information on ambroxol syrup for adults or ambroxol tablet dosage for adults? It is a key thing to know more on these fronts.

Mucus is secreted on the walls of cells of respiratory linings, urogenital organs as well as on the digestive tract. Mucus primarily has inorganic substances as well as antimicrobial chemicals (like lysozymes), lactoferrin and other types of glycoproteins. This slippery secretion also has immunoglobulins such as IgA. Most of these are made in the goblets present in submucosal glands as well as mucus linings.

Mucus takes the shape of phlegm inside your air passages. This viscous secretion acts as a barrier to foreign matter such as pollutants, dust, mites, and infection-causing microbes like bacteria. Phlegm keeps your lungs safe as they prevent pollutants from getting inside your system. Meds are used to reduce or for breaking down mucus.

So, what is ambroxol?

This med is administered for the clearance of mucus and for promoting expectoration. Thus, the med helps ease productive coughing spells and help you breathe deeply as well as easily. Ambroxol was first authorised for use in the late 1970s. It is sold under different forms viz., pills, syrup, ampules, effervescent pills as well as an inhaling solution. As an extended use, caregivers administer ambroxol to ease soreness of throat.

The chief function of ambroxol is to break phlegm and to activate pneumocytes for releasing surfactant. The latter is known to have anti-sticking properties; it makes mucus to release its adhesion to the walls of bronchioles. The drug starts working in less than an hour’s time from the time of dosing. Volume of sputum drops down drastically upon taking this med, and phlegm turns less viscous all through the medication plan.

Ambroxol dosage for adults

Ambroxol dosage for adults vary from 30 milligrams (mg) to 120 mg per day. In case of 30 mg, it is administered as a single pill. However, ambroxol dosage for adults at 120 mg constitutes 4 pills and is evenly divided as 3 to 4 doses within a 24-hour timeline. For children aged 5 years and above, the daily dose is 1 teaspoonful of syrup taken twice or thrice per day. However, children aged less than 5 years are dosed with half-teaspoon of ambroxol twice every day.

Adults who used ambroxol complained of a few adverse side effects. These include abdominal problems such as nausea, discharge of loose stools, and a few other gastric side effects like vomiting, etc. In some cases, adults have experienced counterproductive effects like itchiness, turning weak or tired, dyspepsia or indigestion, upset of your tummy, etc.

Adults who have prior conditions such as pneumonia, comprised immunity, and those undergoing chemotherapy must take needful medical assistance prior to starting a dosage plan of ambroxol. Similarly, those who experienced earlier spells of cirrhosis or hepatitis must keep their doctor informed of all such ailments.


Last but not least, those with known allergies or hypersensitivity to active chemicals used in ambroxol must avoid taking this med. As a few forms of ambroxol may have lactose in them; hence, those living with galactose allergies or intolerances must stay away from using this drug.

In sum, it is a safe practice to ask your treating physician about ambroxol dosage for adults, ambroxol syrup for adults or ambroxol tablet dosage for adults before commencing your treatment plan.


Information provided here are only of supplementary nature. Information shared here does not substitute a qualified doctor’s advice. This website is not suggesting intake of this drug as safe or appropriate. Hence it is advised to talk to your doctor before consuming this med or any other drug.

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