Impetigo is a bacterial infection which shows up as red-colored sores neat your mouth and nose. Children are more likely to get it; however, a few adults may also witness such skin conditions. A strand of bacteria – that spreads with relative ease – is largely responsible for impetigo. Antibiotic meds such as Bactroban are widely used for treating these skin conditions; this drug is based on a chemical called mupirocin. Are there comparable meds sold through the OTC route? It is a vital thing to have more details about this.

Skin conditions or infections such as impetigo may show up at any site. Mostly, these are seen on your face. At times, you may see it on your legs and/or hands. Infections often begin as small blisters; these may slowly break off to show red and moistened skin underneath. Soon, these spots are covered by a golden and grainy crust; this is when the condition spreads.

Timely treatment of this infection and application of topical meds is an essential thing. If left untreated, infections may soon penetrate deeper to form a pus-type fluid. The bumpy spots on skin may become thick and dark. These can turn quite itchy; however, scratching these bumps may only worsen the infection further.

Availability of drugs similar to bactroban, as over-the-counter (OTC) meds-

There are no drugs which are comparable to bactroban, which are available through the over-the-counter route. Bactroban contains a generic med known as mupirocin; this is widely used for the treatment of impetigo. Its antibiotic properties help stop the progression of microbes. This med is used only topically i.e., on the surface of your skin. A tiny amount of this ointment is applied on the affected site. The usual dosage is thrice within a 24-hour timeline.

You are advised apply this med regularly to obtain best results. It is important to continue using this drug even after the signs tend to go away. Discontinuation of the doses may lead to relapse of infections. Never use it inside your mouth or nose. Keep it away from eyes as well as from damaged skin or open wounds. The drug is likely to yield positive outcomes within 4 days’ time. But, if the signs of infections are persisting, talk to your treating doctor of it without further delay.

Safe use of bactroban

This drug is likely to trigger a few adverse side effects. Always remember that your treating physician has prescribed bactroban as its benefits outweigh the risks involved. However, most of the people who applied this drug reported of no major side effects. A few common discomforts include a stinging sensation, burning feeling as well as irritation.

Upon witnessing severe spells of irritation or stinging, you are advised to discontinue the dosages after quickly checking with your treating doctor. Also, application of this ointment for long may cause fungal infections or yeast formation. It is hence a wise thing to use bactroban as per the guidance of your caregiving team.

In some remote cases, acute reactions such as rashes, swelling of skin and severe spells of itchiness may occur soon after using bactroban. In all such instances, seek medical help on an emergency mode. US residents are advised to call 911 without any delay; you may also dial the helpline of the food and drug administration. People living in Canada need to go to a poison control cell (operating closer to where you live) or get in touch with Health Canada on an emergency basis.
Last but not least, never use other OTC drugs for skin conditions such as impetigo without the consent of your treating doctor/pharmacist.

Disclaimer –

Information provided here are only of supplementary nature. Information shared here does not substitute a qualified doctor’s advice. This website is not suggesting intake of this drug as safe or appropriate. Hence it is advised to talk to your doctor before consuming this med or any other drug.

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