The most sensitive skin on the human body is generally classified as those areas that do not have hair. For instance, the lips, the soles of feet, and palms are typically considered as the most sensitive. Similarly, the skin on the penis is also extremely sensitive, primarily because of the sensory receptors that help man to enjoy the act of lovemaking. A large number of individuals experience dry skin on penis due to one of many reasons and this causes discomfort in addition to embarrassment. 

Many wrongly attribute it to sexually transmitted diseases. However, it is necessary to understand that dry skin on the penis is not the only indication of STD. There are other symptoms involved, and therefore an individual with only dry skin on penis needs not to misconstrue it as indications of STD but needs to look for other symptoms before coming to a conclusion. Let’s take a look at the reasons behind the condition and the best possible ways to effectively treat the condition. But before that, it would help to look at the overall system to understand why it is important to take preventive care.

The somatosensory system that gives humans the sense and feeling of touch

Nerve endings and touch receptors are responsible for the incredible feeling of touch and sensation in our lives. The system is driven by four different types of receptors that govern the way we respond to various stimuli – pain receptors, proprioceptors, thermoreceptors, and mechanoreceptors. 

The combination of various receptors helps us carry out different functions. Let’s look at the relevance of this in the context of dry skin on penis. If, for instance, the skin on your penis is dry, you will not be able to fully experience the actions of the somatosensory receptors. Importantly, the skin on your penis is not intended to be dry, and if left unmanaged, the dry skin on penis can manifest into a complication, that could be embarrassing and cause greater discomfort.

Here is a roundup of the probable causes for the condition.


This is one of the most common conditions that cause dry skin on penis. The skin types of individuals are different and respond differently to various chemicals used for the purpose of hygiene. When the sensitive skin on your penis is exposed to harsh chemicals, it is likely to end up getting inflamed with a certain amount of itching sensation. If there are visible signs of redness on your penis, accompanied by slight itching that is localized only in the penis, then this could be an indication of irritants. Other reasons for penile irritation include excessive cleaning – use of too much pressure and rubbing while cleaning up. If you have changed your soap recently, then go back to the old brand. If you have used too much pressure while cleaning, go easy on it. Till the condition gets better, use loose clothing to prevent aggravation of the condition.

Lack of adequate lubrication

The lack of adequate lubrication during the act of sex or self-stimulation can be another reason for dry skin on penis. The friction that is caused during the act of sexual intercourse or self-stimulation is considerable, and if there is a lack of adequate lubrication, the skin on your penis may become dry, causing acute discomfort. Choose a suitable lubricant to increase comfort and to mitigate the dry/inflamed skin. However, it is important to ensure that you choose the right kind of lubricant. The safest option is to always pick a water-based lubricant, as this will not create additional problems that are commonly associated with glycerin and parabens.

Extremely tight clothing

Fashion trends often dictate the clothes worn. Consequently, many individuals end up wearing undergarments that are tight to fit inside the tight clothes worn. This causes friction and chaffing through the rubbing motion of the tight-fitting clothes. Another consequence of wearing tight-fitting clothes is the risk of triggering an infection, which can, in turn, cause dry skin on penis for an extended period of time. The best way to treat the condition, if it has not manifested into infection is to use undergarments and clothes that are the right fit and not too tight. The material also matters – the best materials are always those that breathe.


Non-contagious skin conditions

There are multiple non-contagious skin conditions that cause dry skin on penis, including eczema and psoriasis. Eczema symptoms include an itchy rash that needs proper management. Individuals with the condition are typically allergic to certain food products. The best way to treat atopic eczema is to seek medical intervention from a dermatologist, and take up long term treatment. The skin needs to be moisturized properly, and individuals are expected to maintain very high levels of hygiene. 

Dry, shiny lesions that are smoother than areas outside the lesion can be indications of inverse psoriasis. This is a genetically inherited condition that causes the formation of lesions that are reddish in color and not scaly. It is generally observed in areas where the skin is thin and sensitive. The shiny lesions are typically dry to the touch and need treatment for the purpose of managing the condition. Topical applications help manage the condition, and this needs proper, prolonged care because the mechanism of action of the topical steroids causes thinning of the skin. 

Latex allergy

Individuals with an allergy to latex end up with dry skin on penis. In addition to the dryness on the sensitive skin, the various symptoms of allergies include itching, running nose and difficulty in breathing normally. If you experience any of these conditions along with dryness on the skin on your penis, after you have used condoms for sexual intercourse, it is highly likely that you suffer from a latex allergy. Individuals who have clearly identified and attributed the dryness on the skin on penis to latex allergies have a simple option to get rid of the condition. Change over to non-latex condoms that use natural membranes in place of the rubber. This will prevent allergies in the future. 


Precautions that need to be exercised while undergoing treatment for dry skin on penis

When to seek the assistance of a specialist dermatologist for dry skin on penis

Individuals who try out self-care may require the assistance of specialist dermatologists when the condition either persists or aggravates. When the dry skin on penis turns into a condition where the skin beings to peel, it is important to seek the assistance of specialist dermatologists. Similarly, if the dryness and inflammation are accompanied by fever or other allergies that affect other parts of the body, it could be an indication of a bigger allergy, warranting specialist care. There are various co-morbidities associated with skin conditions and specialists in genital dermatology would be better equipped to diagnose the condition properly and recommend a suitable treatment regimen.


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