There are multiple types of medicines administered to manage your cravings for alcohol. Among such drugs, a few can help manage signs of withdrawal which are experienced when you have stopped taking alcohol. You may need to understand that every medicine has its own unique mode of working. For example, drugs such as naltrexone can control the “high” feeling; this sensation remains the main reason why people continue to drink. Likewise, drugs such as antabuse and a few others in the same genre can lead to sickness whenever you consume alcoholic beverages. Campral is prescribed for those who stopped drinking and not to those who are continuing to drink. Can this drug make your bodyweight to increase? It is a wise thing to know more on this prior to starting to use campral.

It is important to understand how campral works and also about the side effects this drug may cause. Commonly experienced side effects and discomforts of campral are problems while passing stools, pain in the abdomen, drop in libido level or sexual drive, changes in the sense of taste and a few other such discomforts. If you already have problems associated with higher blood pressures or hypertension, it is not recommended to take this medication. People with a medical history of breathing difficulties like asthma, bronchial asthma, some form of pulmonary disorders need to stay cautious prior to taking this medication.

Moreover, if your kidneys are not functioning to the fullest level of efficiency, your medical team may not prescribe this drug. This is mainly because – its active ingredients are discharged from your body with the support of your renal system. So, if you are undergoing dialysis (sittings per week), or of you have been diagnosed with any renal dysfunction, this drug needs to be avoided. Those who took this drug without heeding the early warnings of a kidney dysfunction may soon experience an accumulation campral and its active ingredients in your system. This is one of the reasons you may develop toxicity, which can result in symptoms equivalent to a possible overdose.

How to know if campral is safe to take?

You need to talk to a kidney specialist or a nephrologist to know if campral is safe for you. As mentioned earlier, a possible case of renal dysfunction can cause overdose-type reaction, due to toxicity. So, those having a renal condition which has reduced creatinine clearing rate to go less than 30 mL / minute, your doctor will never prescribe campral. But, if the efficiency of removal of creatinine hovers above 40 mL or is nearly 50 mL each minute, milder doses of campral may be taken. You are advised to talk to your treating doctor when you have a kidney problem or any chronic renal disorders.

Can campral lead to weight gain ?

You need to remember that campral has the needful approval of the US-based federal clearing agency – food and drug administration (FDA). This drug is mainly used for decreasing the signs associated with turning sober (especially after drinking for a long span of time); the most common signs this drug can help manage are tremors, twitching of muscles in an involuntary manner, excessive levels of sweating, being in a restless state of mind, increased levels of anxiety, etc.

This drug is likely to cause a few side effects. Prior to starting your treatment plan, you need to understand the likely side effects this drug can cause. Stay aware of side effects like mood shifts, being in a depressed state, abdominal discomforts like nausea, vomiting, formation of gas, possible loss of memory, respiratory problems (such as wheezing, gasping or shortness of respiratory cycles), etc. One of the side effects of this drug is to increase your bodyweight; so, those who are taking drugs to keep their weight under control (especially, those who are obese) may need to talk to their medical team before stating to take this drug.

How to take campral?

The drug is taken orally. Your treating physician may tell you to take it with or without food. The most commonly prescribed dose is 666 milligrams (mg). It is the usual dose given as soon as you stop taking alcohol. Always remember to start taking this dose once you have stopped your drinking habit. Those who delayed the intake of this drug have may run the risk of a possible recurrence of cravings to consume alcohol. A few people erroneously think that this drug can help control urges to drink alcohol forever.

A complete control of substance abuse or being addicted to alcohol needs a holistic treatment plan. A well-rounded plan includes sessions with your therapist, becoming a member of support groups like the alcoholics anonymous, making needful alterations to your daily diet or nourishment plan, etc. As an added measure to treat substance abuse, you may be advised to adhere to an exercise schedule. Last but never the least, prescription of a few drugs to control the longing for alcohol is also included in your plan.

Always remember that campral can be of minimal use when you are having alcohol. Campral primarily calms your brain by changing the levels of neuro-transmitting substances. As these chemicals play an important role in sending nerve signals, consult with a qualified doctor or a pharmacist before the intake of campral.

In sum, campral may trigger cause a few adverse reactions as well as undesired side effects. So, you need to understand the potential risks of side effects prior to taking its dosages. One such adverse side effect is its ability to enhance the weight of your body. If you are overweight or obese, you may need to talk to your treating doctor about taking this drug. If the intake of campral becomes very essential, you may need to ensure taking it in reduced dosage levels; you may also need to follow a strict fitness regime as well as well-controlled diet plan. These efforts can ensure a bigger leap in your bodyweight, thus turning more obese.

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