Migraine is a stronger headache that may last for many hours and at times, for several days. This condition often shows up along with abdominal discomforts like nausea, vomiting, etc. Spells of migraine may make you become very sensitive to lights as well as to ambient sounds. It is known to show up in 4 distinctive stages, namely (a) prodrome – the initial stage of discomfort, (b) aura – shows up as eyesight related problems, (c) attack – episodes of pain and as (4) postdrome – manifests as muscular weakness. Drugs such as nurtec and rizatriptan are used for treating migraine. But, can you take rizatriptan soon after taking nurtec? It is essential to know more about this.

Risk factors that trigger migraines are largely unknown. It is however widely believed to stem from genetic causes and also due to overexcited cells in your nervous system. Studies show that a substance known as calcitonin gene related peptide is released; this is largely attributed to the inflammation of your blood vessels, and pains associated with it. These pains are known as migraines. The findings also indicate women are more likely to get affected; also, clinical conditions such as depression / anxieties may also cause these headaches.

Rizatripan and its use in the treatment of migraine

Rizatriptan is taken to get relief from migraines as well as pains that show up along with it. Not stopping with these, this med can also treat abdominal conditions such as nausea, vomiting, etc. Users tend to get relief from hypersensitivity to light sources as well as sounds. A timely intake of rizatriptan is known to have decreased dependencies on painkillers and other anti-inflammatory medicines.

This drug belongs to a category of meds known as triptans. Rizatriptan is administered only for a shorter duration. Long term intake of this med can lead to other adverse reactions as well as an overdosed condition. Also, continued use of rizatriptan – say, for a week every month is known to aggravate episodes of migraine. It is hence strongly recommended to consult with your treating doctor about possible allergies and side effects triggered by taking this drug. Most common side effects rizatriptan can cause are numbness, weariness, dizziness, tingling sensation, drowsiness, etc. Many of these discomforts may cease to show up soon after the first few doses. But, if you see them persist, talk to your caregiver without further delay.

Your treating doctor will recommend the intake of this med soon after sensing the initial symptoms of migraine. Also, it is unlikely to have two people to have the same level of pains; owing to this, no two treatment plans are same. Your dosage plan depends on the severity of migraines, level of pain, gender, body weight, age and prior medical conditions, if any.

Nurtec and its use in managing headaches / migraines

Nurtec is another medication used widely for the treatment of migraines and for treating intense episodes of headache. It is categorised under a genre called calcitonin-related peptide inhibiting drugs. It is widely available as a disintegrating pill; upon keeping it under the tongue, it gets dissolved into your mouth.

Maximum strength of dose of nurtec must never exceed 75 milligrams (mg). This drug is likely to cause a few discomforts and side effects; most common ones include stomach pain, nausea and few allergic reactions like itchiness, respiratory troubles or rashes on skin. This drug is mostly used for treating adults. If children are reporting severe episodes of headache, you are advised take needful guidance from a qualified doctor or a pediatrician.

Can I consume rizatriptan soon after taking nurtec?

You need to know that hepatic enzymes are needed for these drugs to act. It is hence unsafe to take these two drugs; with both needing the liver’s enzymes to break them down. It can be harmful because residue of either of these two meds – i.e., rizatriptan and nurtec may be found in abundance. It is very important to tell your treating physician about the drugs you are currently taking. If you have already taken nurtec, another migraine med like rizatriptan is administered only after a time interval of 72 to 90 hours.

As a related precautionary measure, share the list of all treatment plans you are presently pursuing. While listing out these plans, care to add over the counter meds, prescription drugs, herbal supplements, dietary aids as well as intake of vitamins or proteins. Also, it is important not to make changes to the drug list without telling your doctor. Changes made without doctor’s consent may alter how nurtec or rizatriptan works on your system.

Precautions needed prior to taking drugs to treat migraines

In general, alcohol is considered to cause migraines. Hence, it is not advised to take alcoholic drinks while consuming any of these migraine meds. Those who have a habit of drinking alcohol on a daily basis must inform about such lifestyle to their treating physician. Your caregiving team may either advise discontinuation of taking alcoholic drinks or reduce the consumption of alcohol. A few cough as well as cold meds may have alcohol in them. So, those who are taking such drugs must keep their physician informed of such conditions.

Women who are pregnant are not advised to take these meds. But, if you are experiencing chronic spells of headache, you need to talk to your doctor about safer alternatives to treat such spells. Also, the active ingredients of migraine meds are likely to enter mother’s milk. Babies who feed on such milk may develop signs of withdrawal such as sleeping problems, feeding difficulties, etc. Hence, this med is not administered for breastfeeding mothers.

In sum, rizatriptan belongs to a category of meds called triptans. On the other hand, nurtec is categorised under a class of meds called calcitonin-related peptide inhibiting drugs. Both these drugs are used for the treatment of migraines / severe episodes of headache. It is not recommended to consume both drugs together or consume one after another. This is because these two drugs need your liver to work upon them and to metabolise them. Owing to this, it is very likely to see a build-up of rizatriptan and nurtec in your hepatic system. It is safe to provide a time interval of 72 to 90 hours in between these two drugs. In order to have more details on rizatriptan and nurtec, it is a good practice to consult with a qualified caregiver.

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