Plan B is a hormones produced in women’s body; this causes a few changes to occur in the cervical region. One of the key changes is it makes it difficult for sperm to extend till the uterus. Also, the changes make it tough for fertilized eggs to be attached to uterine region. Plan B one-step is a med helps avoid unplanned pregnancies. It is widely used soon after having an unprotected sexual intercourse or when a condom breaks off. Can you take alcohol soon after plan B one-step? It is essential to know more on this.

Plan B one-step is known as the morning-after drug. The key ingredients stay active upto 3 days from the time of having unprotected sex. The chief chemical levonorgestrel has the approval of the food and drug administration (FDA) and is available as an over the counter birth control pill, mostly used to handle emergencies. This contraceptive is known to stop ovaries from releasing eggs as well as inhibit fertile egg to be implanted inside the uterine tract.

Once ovaries stop giving egg(s), sperm is left with nothing to work upon or to fertilize. As a result, pregnancy is avoided. In case an egg stands already fertilized, the drug stops access to the women’s uterus. Latter action helps prevent unplanned pregnancies more effectively.

This is not a contraceptive that can be used on a regular basis to control birth. If you are planning not to get pregnant, talk to your physician about the alternatives available in this realm. People who are allergic to chemicals such as levonorgestrel must tell their doctor of such prior conditions. Also, those who are already pregnant need to inform about their medical condition to their caregiving team. It is important to remember that plan B one-step can never abort a fetus that has already started developing.

Can you consume alcohol soon after taking plan B one-step?

Drinking of alcohol has not led to any problems among women who took this contraceptive pill. In other words, efficacy of the med remains intact and there is no actual loss of properties of essential ingredients. Also, medical research has not inferred any adverse reactions / interactions between this pill and alcoholic drinks. This fact has been certified by the national institute of alcohol abuse and alcoholism.

Though intake of alcohol with plan B is considered safe, the side effects of this med can turn more adverse with alcoholic drinks. The typical side effects include abdominal problems such as nausea, vomiting and indigestion. In some women, the med may lead to excessive levels of tiredness and can also make them dizzy. As alcohol can also cause the same outcomes, the aforesaid discomforts are likely to turn worse upon taking alcohol. Women may also witness an altered menstrual cycle and acute pains in their abdomen (especially, the lower part of stomach).

A few drugs may however cause a drop in efficacy of this contraceptive. These are muscle relaxants / anticonvulsants such as phenytoin, barbiturates, carbamazepine, etc. If your treatment plans include meds such as rifampin, bosentan, etc. your caregiving team needs to be informed of all such drugs. In general, it is a safe practice to share needful details about all treatment plans / dosages you are currently taking.

It is considered safe to make a list of all meds presently consumed; while making this list, ensure you are adding all the drugs prescribed to you, meds belonging to over the counter (OTC) genre, supplements (of vitamins, minerals and proteins), herbal aids and other dietary supplements, if any.

In sum, Plan B one-step is a contraceptive used for avoiding unplanned pregnancies. It is commonly administered after having unprotected sex or if your condom has broken. Though it is available as an over the counter offering, it is important to consult with a qualified doctor prior to using it.

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