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Infections caused by fungi may occur in the form of yeast. If conditions are apt for their growth, fungi may inside your mouth, in your food-pipe, respiratory organs like lungs, etc. It is a key thing to take needful treatment without much delay. Those who let such infections to remain untreated are more likely to witness near-fatal and/or even, fatal outcomes. Fluconazole is a widely administered med to treat yeast formation on oral parts, vaginal tract and inside the food-pipe. But, can you take alcohol while taking a 150 mg dose of fluconazole? It is a wise thing to have more details.

Fungus is a microbial organism; many kinds of these species are known to exist. For instance, your body is home to a few types of fungi. These live in your gastric channel, oral organs, etc. They seldom cause infections if their count is under control. But, when they grow beyond control, you witness infections at the affected site.

When you notice the typical symptoms of fungal infections, it is highly recommended to consult with a clinical professional. Infections usually manifest as cracks at the corners of mouth, soreness of throat, bleaching of oral parts like tongue and throat, etc. Your treating doctor may prescribe antifungal meds like fluconazole to manage and control further spread of fungal infections.

What is fluconazole?

This med is a popular drug, taken for controlling fungal / yeast infections. Its essential ingredients have the capabilities to arrest the growth of fungi at the infected site. Fluconazole is categorised under a family of meds called antifungal drugs. You can have it either with or without food, through the oral route.

No two individuals with reporting of fungal infections are administered the same dosage plan. Your medication plan is influenced by your age, weight, severity of the infection, presence of any ailments, etc. Dosage plan of teens and children is based on their body weight. The maximum dosage strength – within a 24-hour timespan – is 600 milligrams (mg). The standard dosage hovers at 150 mg, and is widely tolerated by most age-groups.

Can you take alcohol while consuming a 150 mg dose of this antifungal drug?

There are no known problems when you take alcohol while taking a dose of antifungal meds like fluconazole. However, you are advised to moderate the use of alcohol while taking drugs. In order to know the safe level, talk to your treating physician.

You also need to know that fluconazole can trigger some adverse reactions and undesired outcomes. Most common among such adverse side effects: discomforts in the lower part of your abdomen, diarrhea or discharge of watery stool, headaches, dizziness, drowsiness, development of sour taste in mouth, etc. On noticing any of the above symptoms, it is a safe practice to consult with your caregiving team and/or a pharmacist.

Safe use of fluconazole

A single dosage of fluconazole is seldom sufficient for treating the symptoms of fungal infections. Your caregiver may prescribe three (3) dosages – administered consecutively – once per three (3) days is known to provide relief from discomforts. However, if the symptoms (and their intensity) remain the same, your caregiver may intensify the dosage plan, by making it a daily dosage.

Fluconazole is widely used for conditions triggered by excessive growth of yeast; a condition called candidiasis. You may witness oral thrushes inside your mouth; this remains a leading symptom of this condition. Elderly people, babies and people who have a compromised immune-system may get it. Research also indicates that those who wear oral-dentures, people with autoimmune conditions like diabetes and other such ailments may develop these infections. For added details about fungal infections and use of fluconazole, talk to your caregiver prior to starting your treatment plan.


Information provided here are only of supplementary nature. Information shared here does not substitute a qualified doctor’s advice. This website is not suggesting intake of this drug as safe or appropriate. Hence it is advised to talk to your doctor before consuming this med or any other drug.

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