Can you take gabapentin for alcohol withdrawal

A damaged nerve may cause pains and other discomforts. People who have had prior spinal problems and those with autoimmune disorders are more likely to get nerve pains. In some instances, those living with shingles or similar infections may also develop CNS-related conditions. Drugs that form part of a genre called anti-epileptics are widely used. Gabapentin is one among such meds. But, can you take gabapentin for alcohol withdrawal? It can be useful to have more details in this regard.

What is gabapentin?

A few drugs have the clearance of the med approving body, food and drug administration (FDA) in the US, for treatment of nerve-based conditions. These drugs come under a class called anticonvulsant medications. Such meds are made of a few essential chemicals that can clam down a stressed nerve, and thus help in treating convulsions, fits or seizures. These drugs act on pain signals and thus alter your response system; this is essential for the healing activity.

This med is used for managing nerve conditions like pains, convulsions and / or seizures. Good news is – this med can be procured as a generic drug; owing to this, its cost stands affordable to many. You can also choose from an immediate-releasing as well as an extended-release form of gabapentin.

This med is known to numb pains; this is how it helps manage nerve-related discomforts. Some studies indicate that gabapentin can change the calcium content residing in your system. As calcium level is associated with nerve health, you tend to get relief once an optimum level is maintained. Gabapentin is also effective in managing neuralgia i.e., nerve pain, CNS-linked discomforts triggered by an onset of shingles. This infectious condition is caused by progression of a microbial strand called herpes zoster.

Can you take gabapentin for alcohol withdrawal?

A few studies done on this topic show some scope on this front; these studies do indicate positive results for the use of gabapentin for alcohol withdrawal. However, advanced research indicates that this med may need to be combined with other drugs for better management of withdrawal. There is some evidence to prove that gabapentin can inhibit your impulse to have a drink – chiefly, during the early stages of abstinence.

Gabapentin is also believed to decrease your alcohol-cravings, reduce restlessness or anxieties associated with abstinence, and also prevent possible risks of relapse of dependencies. The key chemicals of gabapentin are thought to improve your sleeping cycle as well as stabilise your moods. In general, use of this med is limited to those who do not respond well to standard medication plans.

Data available on this front suggest that gabapentin may work better during early phases of discontinuation, prevention of possible relapses and for bringing down the (number of) days of heavy-drinking.

How to safely take doses of gabapentin?

Gabapentin needs about 3 hours to attain the needful concentration-level in your plasma. However, you may need to take it for a few weeks to witness some relief from nerve pains. As the dosage plan is started with at low strengths, you need to take the guidance and advice from a qualified medical professional. Due to this reason, the self-medication route or taking it over the counter (OTC) is not a safe thing to do.

Your caregiving team will tell you not to stop taking gabapentin all of a sudden. People who discontinued its use suddenly experienced insomnia, abdominal problems like diarrhea, pain in lower abdomen, nausea, etc. and also tend to get more restless.

Hence, a safe way to bring your dosage plan of gabapentin to a stop is – tapering the doses, especially your final doses. A gradual tapering can help avoid withdrawal signs. If you aim to have more details about how to safely take gabapentin, consult with your caregiving team before stopping the doses.


Information provided here are only of supplementary nature. Information shared here does not substitute a qualified doctor’s advice. This website is not suggesting intake of this drug as safe or appropriate. Hence it is advised to talk to your doctor before consuming this med or any other drug.

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