One of the most common conditions experienced by individuals are canker sores, characterised by a little bump. These round, open sores are known to form in the gums, in the cheeks and in the roof of the mouth. The sores form on the insides of the mouth and never on the external surface. In most cases, the condition is known to resolve naturally in a week’s time, without the need for medical intervention. However, individuals generally choose to opt for easily available OTC medications/applications to treat it faster. Here is a look at options that answer the question – how can I get rid of a canker sore overnight?

How to identify canker sores and how can I get rid of a canker sore overnight?

It is possible to identify canker sores, through easily visible characteristics – the sores are round, open, typically pale pink in color. The sores are always shallow, with the color appearing whitish at times, while in a few rare instances it could be yellow. The formation of the sores, as mentioned above are always on the insides of the mouth. Individuals with the sores are likely to experience the following – difficulty while eating and talking as the sores are sensitive to touch. Effectively, this means that any pressure on the sores will trigger pain and discomfort. Before we look an answers to the question – how can I get rid of a canker sore overnight? it is necessary to understand more about the sores. Canker sores are different from cold sores and the two are not to be assumed to be the same. Here is a look at the basic differences between the two.

Differences between canker sore and cold sore

Cold sores refers to the formation of blisters, that is attributed to a virus. Some of the typical characteristics of cold sores include fluid filled blisters. Unlike a canker sore, cold sores are known to be contagious in nature and are also known by other names – herpes simplex type 1, and fever blisters. These blisters are painful in nature and the single biggest difference between canker sores and cold sores is the location. Canker sores always form on the insides of the mouth, while cold sores are known to appear on the outside. For instance, cold sores are known to appear under the nose, beneath the chin and in the area around the lips. With this little information out of the way, lets dive deeper to answer the question – how can I get rid of a canker sore overnight?.

Types of canker sores

The ulcers that form in the mouth are typically classified into different types. Minor canker sores refers to the formation of aphthous ulcers that are smaller in size – around 1 centimeter across or lesser. These sores generally heal fast, within a week, without the need for any medical intervention and do not cause any form of scars. Typically minor sores form in individuals below the age of twenty and the frequency of formation could be around thrice a year. Major canker sores are typically bigger in size and take longer to heal. For instance, it could take as much as two weeks for the sores to heal, and the sores are known to result in possible scarring – though it is not necessary to always result in scarring. The third type of canker sores are the herpetiform canker sores that appear very rarely. These ulcers typically break out as a cluster of multiple ulcers that are tiny in size – smaller than the minor ulcers. The time take for these ulcers to heal is around one week, and herpetiform canker sores are not known to cause scarring.

Common causes and how can I get rid of a canker sore overnight?

While there is lesser clarity about the causes for the formation of canker sores, certain conditions are known to trigger the outbreak of the ulcers. For instance, excessive brushing action or the use of too much force while brushing the teeth can result in canker sores. Similarly, the use of dental products that contain sodium lauryl sulfate are also known to cause the ulcers. Internal oral injury in the form of an unintentional biting action can also result in the formation of canker sores. Deficiency in Vitamin B-12 or iron deficiency are also known to be causes for the formation of the sores. Other deficiencies include zinc and folic acid, the latter is commonly known as folate.

Individuals with sensitivities to certain food products are also known to end up with canker sores – chocolates, eggs, cheese, coffee, cheese and food products that are either spicy in nature or acidic in nature. Answers to the question – how can I get rid of a canker sore overnight are best understood when the reasons for the condition are known. It is therefore necessary to know that allergies are also responsible for the formation of canker sores. Helicobacter pylori, bacteria that is attributed to peptic ulcer is also responsible for canker sores, when the bacteria are found in the mouth. Other reasons include stress related canker sores and ulcers that are attributed to changes in the body as a result of menstruation driven impact on the hormones.

Underlying diseases that cause canker sores

Certain underlying diseases are also known to cause the condition. For instance, individuals with celiac disease, inflammatory bowel conditions, HIV/AIDS, Behcet’s disease and a compromised immune system are also known to develop canker sores frequently. It is necessary to identify the condition and treat the underlying causes to stop the outbreak of canker sores in such conditions. Now that we have seen all the reasons and the underlying conditions, lets look at simple methods of prevention before we answer the question – how can I get rid of a canker sore overnight?

#1 Diet – The food that you consume should not cause irritation in the mouth. For instance, certain individuals experience irritation when certain food products are consumed – chips spicy food products, and fruits that are acidic in nature. It is necessary to avoid all food products that trigger irritation. Dietary intake should typically include lots of fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

#2 Proper oral hygiene – Oral hygiene is important to prevent outbreak of ulcers. Brushing teeth after meals, periodic flossing and the use of the right type of brush are all necessary to ensure good oral hygiene. In addition to ensuring good dental health, it is necessary to avoid intake of dental health products that contain sodium lauryl sulfate. Individuals who use dental braces or other orthodontic products are advised to use protective options to prevent sharp edges from causing damage.

How can I get rid of a canker sore overnight – simple methods

It is now time to look at the various treatment options to get rid of canker sores. Most of the canker sores are typically known to resolve naturally in less than a week’s time and may not require any special medical intervention. However, the major canker sores that are uncommon may require some kind of easily available treatment for quick results. The commonly used options include OTC topical applications and cauterizing. Topical applications are more popular and commonly used, while cauterizing is an option that is used not as frequently.

#1 Steroids in mouth rinse for pain management

Steroids are typically used for pain management during outbreak of canker sores. Available in the form of special mouth rinses, these steroids help in the reduction of pain and help manage inflammation better.

#2 Topical application – OTC and prescription

Certain topical applications easily available over the counter such as gels, liquids and creams contain ingredients that help in relieving pain associated with canker sores. These OTC and prescription products help in quickening up the pace of healing. Certain products have extremely fast results, when used on sores immediately after the sores are noticed.

#3 Prescription medications

Prescription medications are also used when other treatment options do not offer desired results. For instance, medications that are prescribed for the treatment of ulcer are often recommended, in order to help patients benefit from a coating that will quickly heal the ulcer. Similarly, medications that are used for treating gout are also prescribed for individuals with canker sores.

#4 Cauterization

As mentioned earlier, this is not the first choice of treatment, nor is it very frequently used. It involves the use of a device or chemical substances to cauterize the tissue. Cauterization refers to the act of burning the tissue, thereby destroying it, and preventing its growth or spread. Chemical cauterization helps to quickly reduce the time taken for healing of canker sores.

#5 Supplements to fix nutritional imbalance

Supplements to fix nutritional imbalance are another effective option. Treating specialists recommend the intake of commonly available nutritional supplements that include vitamin B-12, folate, zinc and vitamin B-6. Deficiency in these nutrients are one of the primary reasons for the outbreak of canker sores and the use of supplements helps to manage the sores more effectively.


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