Is Clonidine a Psychotropic Drug?

Is clonidine a psychotropic drug

Of the various development related conditions, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder – in short, ADHD, is fast turning into a common one. Its characteristic signs are difficulties to stay focused, taking impulsive decisions and actions. You may tend to be in persistent state of restlessness. Kids may have problems with schooling due to difficulties to concentrate […]

How Long Does Azithromycin Stay In Your Body?

How long does azithromycin stay in your body

meds are labelled as antibiotics. There are many types of antibiotic meds. A sub-genre called macrolide antibacterial meds are known to arrest further spread of infections triggered by bacteria. Azithromycin is a popular drug in this sub-genre. It obtained drug-approval of US-based FDA in the early 1990s. It is widely used for treating infections in […]

How to Get Antidepressants?

How to get antidepressants blog image

Drugs belonging to the genre “antidepressants” are a popular choice to treat mental conditions like anxieties, depression, being nervous, etc. These meds do not offer a complete cure for such mental health problems; however, they are effective in reducing the signs and associated discomforts. There are too many types of antidepressants. At times, the very […]

How Much Does Trazodone Cost You Without Insurance?

How much does trazodone cost you without insurance

Staying depressed is fast turning into a common condition. Many people however live with such conditions without being unaware of it. So, when you catch yourself feeling down for long, it is recommended to talk to a caregiver. If you do not treat a mental problem, it is likely to turn worse. It can worsen […]

What are the side effects of intra-uterine device (IUD)?

IUD image

Intra-uterine device is widely called IUD. This device is fitted inside your uterus. It helps stop sperm cell from reaching the eggs. This method of birth control is known for reversibility and for its long-action. The odds of pregnancy stand reduced to less than 0.95%. It is a safe thing to use while you are […]

How to safely take Adderall for treating ADHD?

How-to-safely-take-Adderall-for-treating-ADHD blog image.

Among development related problems, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (also called ADHD) is a fast becoming a common medical condition. The onset of ADHD may make you stay restless, unfocused and also lead to impulsive actions. In essence, it makes you hyperactive. In case of school-going children, it has a telling effect on their (poor) academic […]

My blood pressure is high. Is it safe for me to use Mucinex DM?

Mucinex Image

Pressure your blood vessels experience during heartbeats is commonly called blood pressure. Increase in this pressure level denotes that the heart is operating at a stressed level to circulate blood through your arteries. Upon noticing regular spells of hypertension (rise in blood pressure), you are advised to talk to a qualified medical professional. Those who […]

Can you consume alcohol while taking a dose of fluconazole?

fluconazole image

Infections caused by fungi may occur in the form of yeast. If conditions are apt for their growth, fungi may inside your mouth, in your food-pipe, respiratory organs like lungs, etc. It is a key thing to take needful treatment without much delay. Those who let such infections to remain untreated are more likely to […]

How effective is Plan-B and how late can you take the plan?

How-effective-is-Plan-B-and-how-late-can-you-take-the-plan blog image

Birth control involves using devices and / or methods to avoid unplanned pregnancies. Though such control has been in use for several centuries, safer approaches emerged only over the last few decades. Several hormone-based meds are available as part of birth control procedures. Some are offered as an emergency measure i.e., when a condom breaks, […]

Can I take humira after taking COVID vaccine?

humira image

Monoclonal antibodies are produced by cloning of white cell of blood. Humira is such a monoclonal antibody; it is administered for the treatment of various forms of arthritis – like psoriatic-arthritis, rheumatoid-arthritis as well as idiopathic-arthritis among juveniles. This med is injected under your skin. It is categorised under a genre of drugs called tumor […]

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