8 Main Causes For Bump On Roof Of Mouth

It is not uncommon for individuals to experience bump on roof of mouth, accompanied by pain. In a large number of cases, the bump clears naturally in around one week, without the need for any medical intervention. In some cases, the condition persists, demanding attention and possible treatment. While the bump is generally harmless and […]

How and when to use an ice bag on head

The therapeutic effects of the application of ice bag on head have been the subject of extensive research.  Known in medical science as non-invasive head cooling, cold therapy as an effective remedy for treating headaches and migraines has been practiced for generations, offering swift relief. However, apparently many individuals do not seem to receive desired […]

What if a pill stuck in throat? Here is what you should do next


Four out of ten Americans have pill swallowing difficulties – so if you do experience problems while popping a pill, take heart that you have company. Around 80% of respondents in a survey about difficulties in swallowing pills, attributed the problems to sensations and apprehensions of ending up with a pill stuck in the throat. […]

A 2000 calorie meal plan for 7 days

Health consciousness is sweeping through global populations with individuals hitting the gym, trying out punishing routines, while others opt for dietary changes. It is important to start any fat/weight loss program with a simple understanding of the fact, that overnight loss of weight is a myth. What is unmistakably true is that weight/fat loss or […]

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