How to reconstitute semaglutide 3 mg?

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Those who are living with a condition called type 2 diabetes are advised to seek medical assistance without much delay. Deciding to have it unattended can soon lead to a marked increase in sugar level. High sugars can show up through a few typical signs. Salient among such sings are being tired, a sudden drop […]

Cetirizine versus loratadine


Cetirizine is an antiallergy med which belongs to second-generation antihistamines. This medication is widely used to inhibit substances known as histamines. These are produced by your system when it encounters threats of foreign bodies. Histamines resist such threats by bringing about a sneeze or watery eyes. These are the same substances that make you itch […]

Metformin for cancer prevention

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Type II variant of diabetes is one of the lifestyle-triggered autoimmune disorders. This disorder causes a spike in blood sugars. Along with high sugar, you may also witness decreased presence of hormones like insulin. Over a period of time, your body may turn insensitive to insulin levels. Onset of diabetes is marked by frequent need […]

Berberine versus metformin

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Among the many forms of autoimmune health conditions, type II diabetes is becoming quite a common one. This condition causes a spike in blood sugar levels. It is also marked by lower secretion of an enzyme called insulin, and the risks of your body developing resistance to this enzyme are high. You can detect its […]

Heart disease rash

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Your skin is one of the largest organ of your body. It does several vital activities. For instance, it safeguards you from foreign bodies or threats. It also helps keep your system at the right temperature. Above all, it is works as one of your sensory organs. Changes occurring on your skin can be a […]

Best diabetes drug for weight loss

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Type 2 version of diabetes is fast turning into one of the common autoimmune conditions. This disorder is considered a lifestyle-triggered health problem. You may observe spells of hunger as well as thirstiness. Upon leaving this unattended, your cardiac system may undergo a gradual impairment. In some cases, people living with diabetes have experienced strokes […]

Cephalexin and alcohol

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Infectious conditions caused by onset of bacterial strands can be of multiple types. Drugs are widely available to arrest further growth and spread of such strands. Drugs used in this light are grouped under a genre known as antibiotic meds. Of this family of meds, cephalosporin-based antibiotic drugs are a popular sub-category. Cephalexin is a […]

Ramipril to lisinopril conversion


A better control of blood pressure is a key thing to avoid heart conditions such as cardiac arrest or a heart attack. Maintaining pressure at recommended levels can also help prevent kidney problems as well as onset of stroke. Drugs are widely prescribed to control high level of blood pressure. Ramipril is one of the […]

Fluticasone propionate nasal spray USP 50 mcg


A nasal condition leading to congestion of nasal passages is also called when your nose gets clogged. In many instances, this condition is caused when tissues and membranes of your inner walls of your nasal airways undergo an inflammation. This further leads to swelling of arteries carrying blood to your nose. It is a good […]

How long does it take for metformin to work?


Type 2 diabetes is one of the numerous versions of diabetes mellitus. This is essentially a lifestyle-related autoimmune condition. This disorder leads to thirstiness and hunger. It also makes your sores to get healed slowly. If you are leaving it without treatment, it can damage your heart, causing strokes or cardiac attacks. It is often […]

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