Herpes is found to affect more than 48 million people in the United States; i.e., 1 among every 5 people (adults) may have this condition. On top of this, about 0.6 million new cases are observed each year. Read on to know about seven (7) natural ways to cure this medical condition.

Acyclovir Medicine to cure herpes

Herpes is a medical condition triggered by a contagious virus called herpes simplex. This virus spreads when an infected person shares personal belongings with others or through close contact. Its key symptom is formation of blisters. The common parts where blisters are found to occur include genitals, mouth and eyes. In most of the cases, pus is formed in the blisters, accompanied by inflammation.

Herpes is a condition often labelled as a fairly-long term health problem. There had been instances of people having such viral infections for a long time, but without any visible signs or symptoms. The herpes simplex virus shows up in two (2) distinctive forms namely, type 1 and type 2. Herpes virus type 1 is also known as oral-herpes virus while type 2 is termed as genital-herpes virus.

As high as 45% of adults living in the US may have type 1 while nearly 20% of people may report type 2 virus in some point in time. It is very unlikely to get affected by genital herpes virus through toilet seats. However, if you have had oral sex with someone who is already infected, the risks of an infection are reasonably high.

Treatment of herpes

There is no known medication to completely cure herpes. Antiviral medications (for instance, acyclovir) are prescribed. Such drugs help stop the spread of virus. Use of petroleum jelly on blisters or swollen parts of your body is another way to clinically manage this medical condition.

Some people may report recurrent formation of blisters and other signs of herpes. In such instances, episodic treatments are administered. Under such treatment, a week-long dose of antiviral drugs is prescribed. You may take this dose every time you experience the signs and symptoms of herpes. For those who have frequent occurrences of these signs (i.e., for more than 6 times a year), suppressive dosage of antivirals is prescribed. Such treatments include administration of antivirals for a longer period of time.

Acyclovir Medicine to cure herpes

Natural ways to cure herpes

Medications may not be able to give a complete cure for the onset of herpes virus. Drugs however can suppress the signs, but may need to be taken again upon recurrence of infection. However, some natural remedies may be tried to find possible cure for these infections. Seven (7) such natural ways are listed below.


#1. Warm and cold compress

The first remedial step whenever you find a blister getting formed is to apply mild heat onto it. You can place warm, raw rice (pre-heated in an oven) inside a sock and press the infected areas. However, if the blister has already formed, then you can still add some warmth on top of it to reduce further inflammation as well as pains. You can alternate a warm compress with an ice pack. The cold compress can be made with wrapping ice in a cloth and gently placing it on the blisters. These compresses – i.e., either warm or cold – can be repeated once in three hours.

#2. Oregano oil

This oil contains an essential ingredient called carvacrol. This substance is known to have antiviral properties. Oregano oil has been proven to very effective and is known to work against herpes virus that shows stiff resistance to well-known antiviral drugs. Apart from antiviral capabilities, oregano oil is also known to have analgesic and anti-inflammatory capabilities. It is fairly easy to use this oil. Take a few drops of this oil either with an eye dropper or a cotton ball, and apply it onto the affected areas. You can use the oil upto three times every day to fight herpes virus more effectively.

#3. Baking soda

This is known for its antiseptic properties as well as its capability to soothe your skin. Baking soda helps dry the sores caused by herpes. The drying of sores helps remove moist conditions often seen around these blisters and sores; dryness also accelerates the healing activity. The salt is added to a bowl of water and a solution is made of this mixture. Use cotton to soak the solution. Gently rub cotton balls onto the sores for upto three times each day.

Acyclovir Medicine to cure herpes

#4. Tea tree oil

This oil has been used for ages to cure many skin based medical conditions. Its antimicrobial capabilities make it effective against skin conditions like dandruff, acne, lice, etc. The oil is also endowed with rich antiviral properties to fight infection caused by herpes virus. Tea tree oil can kill both virus and bacteria. As a result, the oil provides cure from skin allergies and other adverse reactions. Apart from being antibacterial, the oil is also known for its anti-inflammatory (owing to the presence of substances like terpinen) and antifungal strengths. But, always remember that this oil is not to ingested, and hence is used only for topical applications. An added benefit is the pleasant smell of this oil that makes it a preferred option among natural remedies to treat herpes.

#5. Aloe vera

Gel extracted aloe vera is found to contain more than 50 ingredients to enhance the health of your skin. Aloe vera serves as a natural moisturizer as well helps soothe your skin with its antiviral properties. It is easy to apply this natural gel. Clean your fingers and extract the gel out of the leaves of this plant. Immediately apply this gel onto the affected skin areas. Allow it to dry for a few minutes. You can apply the aloe vera gel thrice every day for needful results.

#6. Tea made from herbs

You can consume herbal teas made from the leaves of thyme and sage plants as a cure for herpes virus. Take a few thyme leaves as well as sage leaves. Bring a cup of water to boil and add these leaves into the boiling water. Let the leaves soak inside the hot water. Strain the leaves away after a few minutes. Your tea is now ready for consumption.
Thyme is rich with antiviral properties while sage is an astringent and has antiseptic capabilities. These leaves have the needful strengths to get your body rid of herpes virus. You can drink upto two cups of the herbal tea every day for effective cure from herpes.
Apart from these leaves, the conventional green tea is also known to have powerful antioxidants. These substances prevent likely risks of herpes virus and associated infections. Experts recommend you to drink even three servings of green tea every day for desired outcomes.

#7. Olive oil

This oil is known to offer an effective cure for herpes virus. It is believed to offer remedies to itchiness, pain and inflammation. Cure is brought forth through its antiviral and antimicrobial capabilities. You need to gently heat olive oil before application. Soon after warming it up, add some lavender oil (it acts as a soothing medium – especially to work against inflammation). In order to enhance its curative properties, you can also add beeswax (it can serve as a moisturizer) to the potion. Now, all these ingredients are heated. Remove from your stove and allow the heated mixture to come to room temperature. Take the oil through cotton for application onto sores or blisters on your skin. You are advised to do this upto three times each day.

Apart from the above list, herpes can be naturally treated with epsom salt (great remedy to treat genital herpes; reduces pain, itchiness and soothes skin), lemon balm (has antiviral properties; good for both genital as well as oral herpes), Echinacea (boosts antiviral activities in your body), goldenseal (a tincture made of this herb is endowed with anti-inflammatory and astringent properties), etc.

Precautions to minimize risks of herpes

You are advised to only wear clothes that fit properly; especially, avoid garments that have a tight fit. Wash your hands soon after touching a possibly infected surface. It is also not advised to engage in sexual acts when your partner has the signs and symptoms of herpes virus. However, if you happen to engage in sexual acts, ensure to wear protective aids – such as oral-dams, condoms, etc. Talk to your doctor if you experience pain during urination; apply needful topical medicines or lotions to avert a likely spread of herpes virus.

You may also need to avoid stepping out directly under the sun; this is because a direct exposure to hot weather conditions may enhance the infection levels. There is nothing to beat a bath taken in warm water. Last but not least, stay away from using soaps (with aromatic chemicals) on areas where the signs are likely to show up.

In sum, herpes is a medical condition caused by herpes simplex virus. An infected person may spread it while sharing his / her personal belongings. The main signs and symptoms include appearance of blisters, inflammation as well as formation of pus. This is a fairly-long term health condition. Herpes simplex virus infects people in two possible forms namely, as type 1 (also known as oral-herpes virus) and as type 2 (genital-herpes virus). If you have oral sex with someone who is already infected, the risks of an infection are reasonably high.

Though medications are prescribed to treat the infection, there are natural ways to cure herpes. These natural remedies include olive oil, ice packs, tea tree oil, oregano oil, etc. However, it is highly recommended to consult your doctor prior to using any of these natural or home remedies.

Acyclovir Medicine to cure herpes

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