The act of masturbation is common, with more than 80% of individuals above the age of 17 reportedly having masturbated regularly. Individuals in sexual relationships are also known to masturbate as the self-stimulation offers instant relief and gratification without the need for a place or a partner to indulge in sexual acts. However, in many cultures, masturbation is taboo and is frowned upon, with individuals feeling a deep sense of guilt after the act of masturbation. Additionally, there are myths surrounding masturbation, some that support the act with weird claims, while others attribute often unrelated consequences to the act of masturbation. Consequently, individuals often raise this question – does masturbation cause hair loss – in forums and with specialists in sexual health, dysfunction and related disorders. We therefore delve deep into this subject to understand if the claim is a myth or a fact.

What happens when an individual masturbates and does masturbation cause hair loss?

Masturbation is the self-stimulation of genitals to an extent that results in an orgasm. This orgasmic climax helps relieve stress, boosts the feel good factor, and in most instances offers an intensely gratifying and fulfilling sensation. Individuals are known to sleep better without having their thoughts constantly centered on sex or the need to have sex. The act of masturbation helps individuals to quickly get on to the next task or activity, without getting stuck in the desire to have sex. Sexual tension and sexual deprivation can build up immense pressure in individuals and this can affect normal routines. Before we look at the question – does masturbation cause hair loss – it is essential to understand the common reasons behind hair fall and understand if a link exists between hair loss and masturbation.

What are the common reasons for hair loss and does masturbation cause hair loss?

Hair loss is attributed to a number of reasons that are broadly classified as either hereditary, medical related or changes in hormones. Hair loss can affect either the scalp or the entire body. Most individuals are concerned about the loss of hair from the scalp and not about the loss of hair from the body. Various types of hair loss are well documented and recognized by individuals globally – receding hair line, male pattern baldness, patchy bald spots, overall thinning of hair, and loss of body hair. To answer the question – does masturbation cause hair loss – it is essential to identify common reasons for hair loss.

Two types of hair loss are related to specific conditions and cannot be attributed to any other reason – loss of body hair and loss of hair in patches. Loss of body hair is generally attributed to medication and medical procedures. For instance, chemotherapy is known to cause severe hair loss which can be throughout the body. In such conditions, the loss of hair is temporary in nature and will grow back over a period of time, after the cessation of chemotherapy. Similarly, hair loss in patches due to ringworms is a condition that cannot be attributed to any other reason. This is easily distinguishable, as the scalp is likely to turn red and with accompanied swelling, in addition to broken strands of hair. This condition is also reversible to a great extent, and depends on the efficacy of treatment to complete heal from the ringworm infection. Other hair loss patterns or conditions are attributed to one or more reasons. We will focus on these reasons and conditions to answer the question – does masturbation cause hair loss?

Reasons for hair loss in pattern baldness – Documented evidence on pattern baldness (male or female) indicates that this is primarily due to inherited genetic make up. This hereditary condition results in a loss of hair along predictable lines and patterns. Male pattern baldness refers to receding hair line and a bald spot on the crown of the head. This type of baldness is passed from generation to generation, with various aggravating and mitigating factors either increasing or reducing the extent, onset of baldness. Similarly, female pattern baldness refers to a thinning of the hair which is a lot distinct and rapid from the age related thinning of hair. This is also hereditary in nature and depends on aggravating or mitigating factors. Such hair loss patterns have no connection whatsoever to masturbation. Therefore, pattern baldness can be conclusively ruled out as an answer to the question – does masturbation cause hair loss or if it is related to pattern baldness. It is important to add here that pattern baldness is not reversible.

Medications and hormonal changes result in possible hair loss – Various medical conditions, medications and hormonal changes can result in possible hair loss. In the case of medication related hair loss, the condition is typically temporary, and individuals are likely to experience hair regrowth after the effects of the medication(s) wear off gradually. However, in the case of hormonal changes, hair loss is not always reversible. This is because the sudden spurt in hormone levels are likely to trigger hair loss which may continue for a period of time, till the hormonal changes stop. However, even when the hormonal changes come to a halt, the possibility of regaining hair are remote. For instance, individuals who suffer from hair loss due to thyroid problems are highly unlikely to recover from the hair loss. Similarly, the onset of menopause is also likely to cause loss of hair, which is also not reversible. Therefore medication related hair loss can be conclusively ruled out as an answer to the question – does masturbation cause hair loss.

Reasons behind the question – does masturbation cause hair loss?

There are specific reasons behind the question – does masturbation cause hair loss. It is an accepted fact that hormonal changes are attributed to hair loss. Individuals who masturbate are often wrongly considered as having changes in hormones. The act of masturbation is not related to hormones, but a decision that is purely the choice of an individual who seeks gratification from self-stimulation. An individual with very low sex drive or libido may also indulge in masturbation, similar to an individual with a very high sex drive. In some instances, the act of self-pleasure is a habit and this is certainly not a hormone driven activity. It is precisely because of this misconception, that individuals relate hair loss to masturbation. It is true that there is a direct relation between hormones and hair loss. Male pattern baldness is linked to DHT (Dihydrotestosterone). Effectively this means that individuals with high levels of testosterone are likely to have male pattern baldness. It is a possibility but not necessarily the rule.

This is where the link between masturbation and hair loss ends. An individual with very high levels of testosterone may be bald, but not interested in masturbation. Similarly, an individual with high levels of testosterone may masturbate frequently, but not necessarily bald. Both are different conditions and have their own set of factors and consequences. There is a link between hormones and pattern baldness, but there is no link between masturbation, hormones and pattern baldness. This almost conclusively answers the question – does masturbation cause hair loss. It is now time to look at some of the medical related effects of masturbation.

Does masturbation have any positive effects?

Masturbation offers emotional relief and helps individuals to get some pressure off their minds. However, from a purely medical perspective there are no documented results to show effects that can be measured. The only exception is prostate cancer. This condition generally afflicts aged individuals with statistics indicating that a very high percentage of individuals suffer from the condition. Prostate cancer is also linked to celibacy and individuals who have not achieved ejaculation for a long time. In this context, masturbation is claimed to have positive benefits on male prostate health by preventing prostate cancer. However, despite the establishment of a link between ejaculation (through sexual intercourse or masturbation) and lower risk of prostate cancer, the exact reason remains unknown. The results are themselves enough to support the claim that masturbation helps reduce risk of prostate cancer.

Does masturbation cause hair loss and is it unhealthy?

Masturbation does not cause hair loss and is generally not unhealthy. However, it is important that individuals understand the need for moderation and stimulating only when there is an urge. The biggest problem with masturbation is the possibility of it becoming a habit that gives more pleasure than the act of sex. This deprives partners of physical intimacy and is also likely to have an impact on relations. Beyond a point, individuals who prefer masturbation over the act of sex, are likely to find lesser fulfillment from sexual intercourse. A very large number of individuals with sexual health disorders suffer from premature ejaculation due to masturbation. When the act of self-stimulation reaches this point, it becomes unhealthy. Similarly, excessive masturbation can also lead to fatigue and a general disinterest in other activities, which may impact life adversely. Masturbation, by itself is not unhealthy, but becomes unhealthy when it turns excessive or addictive in nature.

The myth of masturbation, calories and weight loss

In addition to the question – does masturbation cause hair loss, individuals are also known to have doubts about weight loss from masturbation. The act of self-stimulation does not result in weight loss by itself, but excessive and repetitive masturbation can have a slight impact. This is because the act of masturbation is known to burn almost 6 calories per session. This could increase depending on the state of arousal and the effort required in reaching orgasmic release.

The conclusive answer to the question – does masturbation cause hair loss – is that masturbation is not the cause for hair loss. Hair loss is due to one or many factors, which may appear overlapping with the effects or reasons for masturbation. However, there is no established evidence to indicate that masturbation causes hair loss. Multiple myths are linked with masturbation, partly due to ignorance, and partly due to cultural beliefs. There is no scientific basis to the claims that masturbation triggers hair loss. Performed rightly, and not as a habit, the act of self-stimulation can actually improve blood flow to the whole body, which is in turn, important for scalp health.

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