Most of the drugs that have opioids in them may trigger dependencies or habits among users. Continued administration of these meds may turn you addicted to them. Doctors use a few drugs to help you come out of addictions. Apart from drugs, your caregiving team may advise active counsel-based support, an altered daily lifestyle, mind relaxation techniques, etc. In this light, naltrexone is a widely prescribed medication. But, does naltrexone cause weight gain? It is essential to have additional inputs on this.

Opioid-based medications have the potential to develop habits and make you dependent on them. Upon turning addicted, it becomes a tough thing to keep from opiates. Your doctor may inform you to alter your dietary habits, lifestyle and may also tell you to take support through counselling.

In this light, what is naltrexone?

Intake of meds play a key role in your deaddiction program. Drugs belonging to a sub-genre known as opiate-antagonists are chiefly used for treating users who turn addicted to opiates. Naltrexone is commonly administered as part of such deaddiction measures.

Essential chemicals of this drug work on the nervous system as well as your brain. The chief task of these ingredients is to block or minimise the euphoric effects of using opioids. The drug suppresses outcomes such as pain relief, sense of wellbeing, a sensation of feeling “high”, free of anxieties, etc. Naltrexone is also known to decrease your craving or desire to use opiate-based drugs.

Does naltrexone cause weight gain?

Use of naltrexone is likely to cause a few undesired side effects. However, wight gain is not one among its adverse effects. A few manufacturers of this drug list possibilities of weight gains, owing to an increase in appetite levels. But, not all users report of such adverse effects.

On the contrary, naltrexone may trigger frequent stomach conditions like vomiting or nausea. These side effects are known to cause loss of body weight. Users tend to witness less of such effects as they proceed ahead with their dosage plan. In the same light, along with drugs like bupropion, naltrexone is commonly offered to promote loss of body weight.

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A few safety measures associated with the use of naltrexone

Users who take smaller dosages of opiates while using naltrexone may seldom get a sense of euphoria or the characteristic “high”. This suppression is chiefly due to the action of opiate-antagonist like naltrexone. The drug blocks the euphoria-triggering properties of opioids. Moreover, an intake of bigger dosages of opiates (when you are using naltrexone) can trigger near-fatal consequences. In some one-off instances, a combined use has also led to fatal results.

You may be advised to avoid a few items when you are using naltrexone. These items include alcohol-based drinks or meds, drugs that work on your central nervous system such as tranquilisers, meds which have sedative properties, anesthetic agents, etc. If your daily habits or medication plan include any of these items above, it is a safe thing to avoid using these items.

Also, if you are taking drugs such as codeine or hydrocodone, your treating doctor must be aware of such meds. Those who take items such as morphine, banned goods with intoxicating capabilities, substances like heroin, etc. need to share needful information about such usage with their caregiving team.

Last but not the least, it is highly recommended to consult with a qualified physician about use of naltrexone for the treatment of an overdose of opiate-based meds. It is an equally vital thing to inform your family of the typical symptoms of opiate overdose. Your family also needs to know how to organise first-aid treatment during an overdosed condition.


Information provided here are only of supplementary nature. Information shared here does not substitute a qualified doctor’s advice. This website is not suggesting intake of this drug as safe or appropriate. Hence it is advised to talk to your doctor before consuming this med or any other drug.

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