Interactions among medications can distort the natural way of drugs’ action. These changes occur when the receptors of a drug are inhibited owing to drug-to-drug interactions. In such cases, a drug’s active ingredients may bind themselves to other receptors or targets. This action often leads to a few unintended or undesired side effects. Given this backdrop, mode of action of the antiviral drug famciclovir stands to get disturbed when taken with a few other meds. As drug interactions can bring down its antiviral drug’s capabilities, an understanding of the possible risks becomes essential.

Among ailments caused by viral attacks, shingles is triggered by a strand called varicella zoster. This condition shows up as rashes on your skin, discoloration, blisters or inflammation of skin. Antiviral meds such as famciclovir are widely administered for treating these ailments. A timely administration of needful drugs can help manage the symptoms like an increase in temperature, swelling of lymph nodes and painful muscles. Famciclovir is not an over the counter drug. Hence, its use is always under the supervision of a qualified physician.

Adverse drug interactions of famciclovir

This antiviral med may work adversely when taken along with a few other drugs. It is hence essential to share details about your current treatment plans, duration of such plans and strength of dosages with your caregiving team. Interactions with other meds may change the ways in which famciclovir works. In some cases, interactions may lead to harmful side effects; in most instances, adverse interactions may reduce the efficacy of this antiviral med.

It is a safe practice to tell your treating doctor of all the drugs you are presently taking. While making this list, include prescription meds, over the counter drugs, supplements of vitamins, proteins as well as dietary aids and / or herbal medications. A few drugs are known to enhance the residue levels of famciclovir. Owing to this, your system may develop some adverse side effects. Most common side effects of an increased presence of famciclovir in your body are nausea, vomiting, inflammation of oral parts, rashes on skin, respiratory conditions such as panting or wheezing. Upon sensing any of these adverse reactions, consult with your treating physician without much delay.

A well-known drug that causes adverse reactions when consumed with famciclovir is probenecid. The latter is widely prescribed for treating gout. It is categorised under a family of meds called uricosurics. It is taken for reducing the level of uric acids in your system; it helps your renal system to discharge uric acids with ease. You need to know that an increased level of uric acids can cause crystals which soon can lead to gout.

At times, probenecid is also used along with penicillin-based antibiotic medications. It is also important to keep away from antibiotic drugs while you are taking famciclovir. Tell your doctor if you are taking meds such as amoxicillin or any other penicillin-based antimicrobial meds. Likely side effects of this combination can result in a severe reduction in red blood cells. In women, it causes a marked decrease in hemoglobin levels. All these factors can result in blood-based disorders such as anemia. Those who are already living with blood conditions are advised to talk to their treating doctor of such ailments prior to the start of your treatment plan.

A few other meds may cause an increased presence of famciclovir in your blood. A pronounced presence may cause loss of coordination, fainting or passing out. Upon witnessing one or more of these severe side effects, seek needful medical support on an urgent mode. Users of famciclovir who living in the US are strongly recommended to reach out to 911 as quickly as you possibly can. As an alternative, you can also reach out to the helpline of food and drug administration (FDA). On the other hand, people living in a Canadian province need to establish contact with Health Canada on an emergency basis; it is also a safe practice to call a poison control unit working nearer to your place.

Other adverse side effects of famciclovir you may need to know

Antiviral drug famciclovir is more likely to cause a few unintended side effects. Commonly witnessed adverse side effects include vomiting, nausea, diarrhea or discharge of watery stools and persistent episodes of migraines / headaches. Most of these discomforts may disappear once your body gets used to the key chemicals of this antiviral med. However, in some users, these side effects may persist for a longer span of time; in such cases, it is highly recommended to talk to your caregiving team without much delay.

Key chemicals present in famciclovir may also lead to a few renal disorders. So, those who are living with signs such as frequent urges to urinate, continence, an altered output of urine, discoloration and pain while passing urine must tell their doctor about such symptoms.

How to safely consume famciclovir?

No two people with viral infections are administered with the same dosage of famciclovir. Your dosage is influenced by your age, severity of underlying clinical condition and also presence of prior ailments, if any. This drug is never administered onto children. It is given mostly to those aged above 18 years.

Dosages to treat oral herpes typically hover at 1,500 milligrams (mg) per day. In case of genital herpes, dosage strength is maintained at 1,000 mg, if it is for a short term treatment plan. In case of a longer duration, dosage strength is reduced to 250 mg. In case of shingles, typical dose strength of 500 mg and is given for a period of 7 to 10 days’ time. It is important to take these doses at the same time every day. Also, never discontinue your treatment plan without the consent of your caregiving team. Those who stopped taking famciclovir upon witnessing initial signs of relief saw a relapse of viral infections.

In sum, drug interactions can change the way a medication works. Adverse interactions may inhibit receptors and can make active chemicals to bind with other parts of your system. The ways antiviral drug famciclovir functions can change when you take it with drugs such as probenecid, alcohol, antibiotics such as amoxicillin. Of these, the adverse interactions of gout medicine probenecid (or other similar meds which help treat gout or arthritis caused by gout) may need to be carefully monitored. You are advised to talk to your treating doctor to know more about possible risks of drug interactions.

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