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Estrogen is a widely used medication used for birth-control as well as for hormonal therapy administered during post-menopausal stage. Among aged women, it helps prevent loss of bones – a condition called osteoporosis. This hormone finds its use in reducing / treating spells of vaginal drying, hot-flashes, urinary incontinence, weakness and tiredness. Estrace and estradiol are poplar meds based on estrogen. Estrace versus estradiol: it is important to know the differences between these hormone-based meds. Needful inputs help use either of these drugs in a safe manner.

Women who reach menopause may develop a few discomforts such as being irritated, chilly feeling, drying of vaginal tract, turning dizzy, excessive sweating, etc. Aforesaid effects are caused when the system produces inadequate level estrogen – this is female sex hormone. Supplementary forms of estrogen are available in pharmacies.

Owing to its remedial properties, such supplements are offered to women who witness menopause-linked signs; these can also reduce risks associated with loss of bones at post-menopausal stages.

What is estrace?

This med is based on estrogen; it is taken for management of post-menopausal effects like drying of vagina, hot flashes, etc. Women who witness excessive vaginal bleed, those with hepatic conditions or cardiac ailments must inform their caregiver before starting to use estrace.

Also, if you are pregnant – it is unsafe to use it. As this may enhance the odds of blood clots and stokes, those with a history of such ailments must keep away from it.

What is estradiol?

This is a drug prescribed chiefly to manage sub-optimal production of estrogen – especially among women who reach menopause. Estradiol is also administered for prevention of bone conditions like osteoporosis. Estradiol is sold in multiple forms viz., tablets, patches used on skin, ointment, gel and as an injection.

Estradiol also has a few extended uses. Some caregivers administer this drug for the treatment of hormonal-imbalances (especially, conditions triggered owing to sub-optimal making of estrogen); this is also given to women who live with ovarian conditions. Estradiol likely to also likely to be administered for purposes that are not stated here.

Estrace vs. estradiol

Estrace is a branded equivalent of estradiol; both are estrogen-based medications. These drugs are used for treating conditions caused by low level of estrogen. Both belong to a class of meds called estrogens. While estrace is widely available as a pill (orally administered), estardiol can be procured as a transdermal patch, intramuscular offering, gel or ointment and pill.

Both these meds have the same half-life of 16-hours. Also, estradiol or estrace are not listed under the Controlled Substance Act in US; however, they have a Category X rating – this means they must never be used during pregnancy.

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Estradiol vaginal cream

Vaginal cream form of estradiol is used for treating drying of vagina, burning sensation, itchiness in your vaginal tract, pains while urinating, etc. This vaginal cream is also used for treating incontinence as well as frequent / sudden urges to pee. This product is not used through self-medication mode; it is hence unsafe to buy through over-the-counter (OTC) route.

If you experience discomforts such as softening of breasts, pain in your breasts, heartburn, abdominal problems like nausea, tell your doctor without delay.

Those who experience swelling of eyes, impaired motor function (unstoppable movements) or skin condition like hives must seek medical attention on an emergency mode. Those in the US may dial 911 or reach out to the helpline of food and drug administration (FDA). Users of either of these drugs in Canada – upon sensing undesired side effects – must call Health Canada or go to a poison management unit working closer to where you live.

It is always a safe thing to talk to a qualified healthcare professional to know how to safely use estradiol vaginal cream, and added inputs about estrace versus estradiol.


Information provided here are only of supplementary nature. Information shared here does not substitute a qualified doctor’s advice. This website is not suggesting intake of this drug as safe or appropriate. Hence it is advised to talk to your doctor before consuming this med or any other drug.

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