Many individuals are endowed with the perfect looks, while others are not as lucky. For instance, some are endowed with chiselled features, and a fat free appearance while others contend with chubby cheeks. While the reasons for the appearance are many, it is possible to bring about a certain amount of change by reducing the fat on the cheeks. Here is a good look at some of the more effective tips on how to get rid of face fat. Before we look at the methods, it is also important to understand more about face fat.

How does the face become rounded and puffy?

Typically, the face appears round and chubby when there is a build-up of fat deposit in the sides of the face. This slowly causes the face to appear bloated. The underlying tissue is responsible for the shape of the face, and weight gain in the body also results in accumulation of facial fat. Many reasons are attributed to the build up of facial fat – for instance, lack of exercise, and age-related bloating are the most common causes. Similarly, a wrong diet is also considered as a reason for facial fat. A significant number of individuals also end up with a round face purely out of genetic inheritance. Regardless of the reasons, it is possible to alter the rounded, puffy appearance through methods on how to get rid of face fat explained in subsequent sections below.

The accumulated fat is most visible in the cheeks, below the chin and in the neck. Experts opine that the masseter muscles have a primary role in determining the face structure and shape. When the muscles are developed to a level beyond normal, the shape of the face is likely to change. However, weight gain is considered as one of the more common reasons, for a puffy face. Other inherited conditions or the outcomes of treatment regimen is also known to cause a change in face shape. For instance, Cushing’s syndrome and steroidal medications are also known to cause a change in face shape and appearance. Cushing’s syndrome is attributed to a tumor on the pituitary gland, that impact the production of hormones. This is generally treated with prescription medication, and in some instances, surgery is recommended for treatment. It is possible to easily distinguish the difference between facial fat from other reasons and facial fat from Cushing’s syndrome. Erectile dysfunction, stretch marks and a hump between the shoulders are other indications of Cushing’s syndrome and this can help to differentiate between the conditions.

How to get rid of face fat – tips and methods

Here is a compilation of top tips and methods on how to get rid of face fat. Remember, the effectiveness of methods may differ slightly from individual to individual, and it is therefore necessary to identify a method that is most suitable.

#1 Exercises to help you lose overall weight and fat in the face

The best method for Individuals who contend with facial fat as a result of weight gain is to take up suitable exercises. For instance, cardiovascular exercises are regarded as an effective method to get rid of face fat. There is clear evidence to prove that overall weight reduction has an impact on facial fat, and this in turn helps to considerably reduce the chubby appearance of the face. While various exercises are recommended for reducing weight, certain exercises reportedly fetch the best results, and this includes facial fat reduction. Studies have revealed that the best method is to use a combination of aerobics and resistance training. Aerobics is more of cardiovascular exercise, while resistance training helps workout and improve lean muscle. A combination of the two is known to fetch the best results. For the purpose of burning fat alone, individuals can consider either cardio exercises or combination exercises.

One of the advantages of relying on cardio exercises as effective methods on how to get rid of face fat is the ability to perform exercises at desired intensities. For instance, individuals can either choose to perform the exercises at low intensity or at high intensity as desired. This entirely depends on the ability and the intended outcome. Results of studies reveal that high intensity cardio workouts help in shedding more fat, when the routines are repeated many times every week. The amount of time put into workouts have emerged as one of the most important determinants of exercise outcomes. For instance, studies of comparative workouts have established that the longer the workouts, the more fat is burned. Cardio exercises are targeted at burning fat from the body and are not specific towards facial fat. However, the reduction of fat in the body helps reduce the fat in the face and therefore, the intensity of workouts have a direct result on facial fat reduction.

#2 Exercises targeting face fat

While cardio exercises, as mentioned above, help in fat reduction throughout the body, specific exercises help in burning fat from the face. While the better option would be to perform cardio exercises to reduce overall fat and then spend additional time on facial exercises, individuals are known to only carry out facial exercises. These are specialist exercises that are intended to specifically target the fat on the face. The effects are certainly better than the exercises performed for reducing overall body fat. However, it is important to understand that when the root cause of the face fat is the body fat or weight gain, it is a better idea to target the cause. For better results, the best methods about how to get rid of face fat includes a combination of cardio exercises and exercises that target reduction of facial fat.

#3 Increase intake of water/liquids

Increased intake of water and liquids helps in reductio of fat through many ways. For instance, individuals who drink more water are likely to experience a full feeling and this in turn will prevent the individual from consuming more food. Consequently, the possibility of weight gain and increase of body fat reduces, helping to keep the face slim and lean. Water is also known to facilitate lipolysis in the body, The combination of increased lipolysis and reduced intake of food will help to keep the calories in check and reduce overall weight and fat. Experts have suggested that individuals consume water before a meal to reduce intake of food. The breaking down of stored fat into fatty acids/energy through lipolysis helps to shed weight and reduce fat in the body. Water consumption is considered to have a two fold effect of promoting lipolysis and reducing food intake.

#4 Cutting down on the amount of salt

Cutting down on salt intake is regarded as another method of fight fat accumulation in the body. Among the tips on how to get rid of face fat, reduced intake of salts is regarded as effective due to the mechanism of action of salts in the body. Water retention occurs as a result of high salt intake and this in turn results in an appearance that is clearly puffed up, bloated and chubby. Increased water retention appears similar to facial fat, and once the actual cause for the puffiness is determined, this method can be used. Individuals with a history of fluid retention are typically advised a low salt or no salt diet and this will help in getting rid of the round appearance of the face. The most notorious food products as far as high salt levels are concerned included processed foods and snacks of the fast-food variety. A simple method to determine foods that are high in salt is to compare the amount of water consumed after a meal. If the amount of water is relatively higher than other types of food products, it certain means that the salt content is high in the food product. The reduction in salt intake helps control fluid retention and the puffy appearance.

#5 Cutting down on alcohol

Another good method among how to get rid of face fat tips is the reduction of alcohol intake. Alcohol is known to cause dehydration and as a result the body is known to retain more water than usual. This water retention is responsible for the puffed-up appearance in the face. Alcoholics have clear distinguishing features – puffed up eyes, which is also attributed to water retention. Similarly, water retention as a result of dehydration is known to cause the face to swell up and appear bloated. Additionally, alcohol consumption is directly linked to other conditions, including rapid weight gain. This is primarily because of the increased calorie intake during alcohol consumption. Weight gain results in the face appearing puffed up, and it is therefore recommended to cut down on alcohol intake. A school of thought claims that alcohol impacts the production of hormones that help in regulating dietary intake. In the absence of these hormones, individuals end up consuming more food, with resultant weight gain and puffy appearance.

#6 Clocking more sleep hours

In the list of tips on how to get rid of face fat, sleep is high on the priority list. The lack of adequate sleep has an impact on overall health, and weight gain is one of the fallouts. Inadequate sleep increases ghrelin levels which is responsible for appetite. Consequently, individuals end up consuming more food and putting on more weight. The lack of adequate sleep has a dual effect on hormone levels. While the levels of ghrelin are increased, the levels of leptin are decreased. The hormone leptin is responsible for transmitting that the intake of food is sufficient by telling the body that it is full. The reduction in leptin levels results in the individual consuming more food due to the absence of information about the full feeling. By reducing the food intake and by bringing down weight, it is possible to reduce face fat.

#7 Balanced diet

The best method among all tips on how to get rid of face fat is to consume a diet that is balanced. For instance, cutting down on carbohydrates and staying away from processed food products help sin keeping weight at desired levels. The amount of salt, sugar and calories in processed food products contributes to weight gain and other health complications. Weight gain and related complications including water retention are the main reasons for fat accumulation and the puffed up appearance in the face. By cutting down on salts, and other food products that promote dehydration, it is possible to reduce face fat. The best bet is to choose whole food products and avoid products including white rice, pasta, breakfast cereals, sucrose, white bared varieties and syrups. The number of choices presently available offer individuals healthier alternatives to processed food products.

How to get rid of face fat – preventive methods

The best method is to prevent the accumulation of fat int eh face and the body. This can be achieved through a healthy routine that includes simple exercises, sticking to a healthy balanced diet, consuming adequate amount of water and taking proper rest. This will help prevent the accumulation of fat, while also helping to reduce facial fat. A good dietitian can help individuals pick diets that are ideal, depending on various parameters – body weight, age, gender, and the existence of inherited conditions. The right diet and routine will help fix the problem of face fat effectively.


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