A genre of drugs called antiandrogens prevent dihydrotestosterone and testosterone. These properties help treat incidence of cancers in prostate in men. As an extended use, conditions such as loss of hair, excessive desire to have sex, untimely puberty, enlarged prostate, etc. are also treated with the use of antiandrogens. Women are prescribed with this med for treating hair growth, skin conditions such as acne and to manage spikes in androgen levels. Bicalutamide is a popular form of antiandrogen. But, how do you feel when taking bicalutamide? It pays to understand this with added inputs.

Antiandrogens are meds that inhibit your body from producing androgens. These meds can also block androgen receptors and make them scarcely available in your system.Essential chemicals can also decrease the growth of cancers– especially, of the prostate. Men who live with such cancers tend to live longer upon taking this med. As androgens aid the progression of prostate cancer, these meds restrict the actions of the former. Commonly known androgens are dihydrotestosterone (DHT), testosterone – to name a few. These substances enable faster multiplication of cells and enable malign tissues to progress at an increased pace.

Antiandrogens are also called androgen receptor antagonist meds. These were first launched in 1960s – the initial part of the decade. As an added application, androgen receptor antagonists are taken to prevent longer episodes of penile erection in men as well as in feminising-hormonal treatment offered to transgender women. Antiandrogens are also commonly prescribed as a combinatorial dose for gonadotropin-releasing hormonal treatment.

What is bicalutamide?

This antiandrogen med is mainly taken for treating cancers in prostate glands of men. Doctors also use as one of the puberty-blockers. In case women, this med helps manage scalp hair loss. You need to know that bicalutamide is one of the non-steroidal formsof androgen receptor agonists. This drug was made available for public use in 1994 – 95. It received its patent in first half of 1980s.

You can get bicalutamide as a generic formulation. Owing to its wider patronage, is fares as one among the essential medications listed by the World Health Organization (WHO). Owing to its popularity, it is sold today in nearly 75 nations. Among developed regions of the world, its administration is relatively high.

How do you feel when taking bicalutamide?

Bicalutamide can make you more sensitive to sun’s rays / sunlight. As a result, your skin turns more vulnerable to sunburns. Do not use tanning booths or beds. It is highly recommended to stay away from sunlight. It is a safe thing to suiting garments – such as gloves and hats, to protect your skin from sun.

Those with low count of red cells may turn paler, develop cold feet, feel lightheaded and excessively tired. Inform your doctor of all prior medical conditions before starting to use bicalutamide.

How to safely use androgen receptor antagonists like bicalutamide?

This is one of the well-tolerated meds, by both women and men. Like most agonists, this drug is likely to cause a few undesired side effects. Such unwanted effects include breathing problems or gasping for breath, swelling of tongue or throat, rashes, itchy skin, etc. On witnessing one or more of these side effects, reach out to your treating doctor on an emergency mode.

If you are based out of US, and are witnessing these side effects of bicalutamide, call 911 without delay. You can also establish quick contact with helpdesk run by the US-based federal drug clearing body – food and drug administration (FDA). On the other hand, users of bicalutamide in Canada can call Health Canada. As an alternative, you may get in touch with a local healthcare setting on an urgent basis.

For having more clarity on how do you feel when taking bicalutamide, consult with your caregiving team and / or a pharmacist.


Information provided here are only of supplementary nature. Information shared here does not substitute a qualified doctor’s advice. This website is not suggesting intake of this drug as safe or appropriate. Hence it is advised to talk to your doctor before consuming this med or any other drug.

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