You may at times experience build-up of gas in your stomach and a feeling of fullness. Bloated feeling can reduce your energy levels. But, burping is the quickest way to manage it. Thankfully, there are ways you can make yourself burp.

Burping ends the discomforts associated with formation of gas. You can actually make yourself to burp. There are many ways by which you can make it happen. The most commonly used approaches are listed here.

#1. Alter your position

Gas formation means there is air locked in your tummy. This air needs to be pushed above so as to release it. You can burp to make this air to move up by altering your position. So, if you are in a standing position, you need to sit; if you are sitting, then you may have to come to a standing position. Altering your position can also be done by simple workouts. For example, you can start jogging or do a few exercises such as aerobic warm-ups to move the locked air towards the top.

Some people also do a simple workout by resting on the tummy and bringing the knees towards their chest. Other simple workouts include lying down and rising up fast. You can also stretch your arms and bring your back to an arched position.

#2. Consume carbonated drinks

People all over the world use this technique to get rid of gas formation. It is also a sure way to make you burp. You can opt for any carbonated drinks such as soda, beer, etc. All you need to ensure is the drink is bubbling with gas. These carbonated fluids – once you drink them– will bring out a burp by forcing the air inside to rise above. If you drink these fluids with a straw, it is known to bring better results. In general, you are advised to drink it fast, so as to get more air from these fluids to get inside your stomach.

If you do not have carbonated drinks such as soda or beer, you can drink water to make yourself burp. This is done by changing the way you usually drink water. You need to bend ahead as if you are drinking directly from a tap. After sipping water from the glass (after leaning ahead), straighten up between sips. This method has been proven to be as effective as drinking carbonated drinks in releasing gas out of your body.

#3. Try swallowing air

It is again an easy way to bring yourself to burp. Initially, you may have to exhale and empty air from your lungs. Make it sure that you have emptied your airways completely. While inhaling, keep the air inside for long. Let it reside deep inside for as long as you can possibly hold. Repeat the cycle and swallow the air.

So as to hold air inside more effectively, you can consume water to hold the air for long. Any attempts to exhale the air inside can be stopped by either having a timer or by simply holding your nose.


#4. Shut your airways – at the rear side of the throat

This again is an easier way to make you burp. Shut the airway at the rear side of your throat. Now, exert as if you wish to exhale. This action exerts a lot of pressure on your stomach, and helps release gas.

#5. Supply air forcibly inside your throat

Make your throat and jaws wide open. Supply air inside your throat till air bubble(s) form inside. Once the suction is done, create an obstacle using your tongue. How? Make your tongue to touch the top part of your mouth. Always remember not to swallow the air supplied inside. You need to slowly get rid of the air sucked in by bringing down your tongue. As the air in the top gets out, the gas in your stomach also finds its way out.

#6. A stimulated gag

This is tried as the last attempt to get rid of gas from your stomach. Why? This is because it can cause some discomfort, and at times may even make you vomit. It involves cleaning your hands and making contact with the soft palate (found at the beginning of the throat region) either with your finger or with an object (such as a toothbrush). It is often a very soft touch, and you may soon witness gas being released from your tummy. Tightening the muscles in your abdomen can also result in release of gas.

Apart from these, people use a few other methods to make themselves burp. These are Medications- Medicines containing simethicone (which can help break gas into bubbles) or activated charcoal are used for this purpose. These are available as over-the-counter products. They are made to work on foods that are very hard to digest; for example, beans. Antacids with calcium carbonate can get rid of gas and can make you burp.

Changes made to your food cycle or changing the foods you consume- You may need to consume lesser quantum of foods that are known to trigger gas. The most common gas-forming foods are those with abundance of starch, sugar or fiber. These foods form gases because they are hard for your intestinal system to digest. A few examples of such foods are dairy products (such as cheese, cream, etc – because sugar in these dairy products cause gas in people; especially those who report frequent bloating problems), onions, apples, bran, pears, etc. You can consider cooking these foods to make them easy to digest; however, you run the risk of losing some essential compounds naturally available in such foods.

Apart from these, a few other foods such as broccoli, mushrooms, cabbage, lentils, peas, etc are also known to form gas inside your tummy. For a few people with a very sensitive digestive system, foods such as bread made of whole grains, hard boiled candies, chewing gums, etc may also trigger a bloating episode.


Herbs- These are naturally available items that can get rid of gas and make your burp. Herbs found as part of the carminative genre are known for this ability. Ginger is one great example of such herbs. These herbs catalyse digestion and make gases to move up quicker. The other herbs commonly used for this purpose are parsley, nutmeg, garlic, cinnamon, basil, fennel, peppermint, spearmint, cumin, etc.

Good bacteria or probiotics- These substances can enhance your digestive strengths and reduce the presence of gas in your tummy. The most commonly available items rich in probiotics are pickles, buttermilk, kefir, yogurt, etc.

A few good practices may also have to be followed to prevent formation of gas. These include eating at a slow pace (this is done because quicker eating can lead to build up of gas), doing minor workouts after your meal (lighter workouts such as walking or riding a bike), etc.

It is normal to witness formation of gas between long intervals of time. However, if this condition occurs often, you may need to consult your doctor. A qualified specialist can help you achieve a long term remedy for frequent formation of gas. You may also have to know that burping is only an immediate remedy to gas formation or bloating. You will need to take this seriously if you observe formation of gas along with pain in your chest, blood in stool, indigestion or diarrhea, dizziness, vertigo or vomiting, pain in abdomen, etc. These can denote problems in your digestive or intestinal system. You are advised to consult your physician if you notice any of the symptoms mentioned above.

In sum, you can make yourself burp by swallowing air, consuming carbonated drinks, altering your position, stimulating a gag, etc. Other methods include consumption of over-the-counter medicines, taking natural products such as herbs (especially ginger, cumin, etc), changing the foods you consume, etc. Bloating is normal if it occurs rarely. But, if you are experiencing it often, it is time to see a doctor. Also, if symptoms such as diarrhea, blood in stools, nausea, vomiting, etc are observed along with gas formation, you will need to seek proper medical attention at the soonest possible time.

The approaches listed here are time tested and are observed as effective ways to make your burp. These ways are sure to make the flap of your esophagus’ valve to open widely. This action is what is informally called as burping. The louder the burp only means that the quantum of pressure built-up inside is way too high.


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