How Does Gabapentin Make You Feel


When the terms known as “drug abuse” or “addiction” all come up, many immediately think of some illegal substances including cocaine and heroin.  

However, it is not just some of these substances that can lead to addiction issues. Many of the prescription medications have all been linked to addictive behaviors. They can also produce a sense of mental tiredness or some “high” when misused. 

Some of the medicinal classes like barbiturates, opioid painkillers, benzodiazepines and Gabapentin might have all been identified as potential sources of addiction. Usually, it happens when the medication is used wrongly. This highlights the broader spectrum of substances that further contribute to addiction-related conditions beyond just illicit medications. 


What Is Gabapentin? 

Gabapentin medication is an anticonvulsant medication. The solution is used for the treatment and management of seizures and convulsions in people with epilepsy.  

Another common use is to alleviate symptoms of postherpetic neuralgia. Over the years, prescriptions for this solution might have usually enhanced, reaching sixty-four million in 2016. 

The medication Gabapentin is like benzodiazepine. Some other medications are commonly prescribed for seizures, in that they act on the same area in the brain.  

However, this is where the similarity might all end as they use different approaches in carrying out their anti-seizure benefits.  

On Gabapentin, which directly binds to GABA receptors in the brain for effecting excitatory outcome, this medication forces the brain cells to slow down, effectively lowering abnormal brain activity caused by seizures. 


The Initial Adjustments 

While consumption of gabapentin, some individuals might experience a mild sense of dizziness, drowsiness, or clumsiness. Thoughts might feel slower, and some of these initial effects are more pronounced on consuming higher dosages. It is also important to note that these sensations are common side effects but typically enhance as the body adapts to the medication consumed. 


Potential Relief from Symptoms 

Many users might report feeling little to no immediate difference in the consumption of gabapentin. However, for those prescribed medicine to manage seizures, nerve pain, or restless legs syndrome, relief from these specific symptoms might be altogether a positive outcome. 


Possible Emotional Responses: 

Some of you might undergo emotional alterations while consuming gabapentin. These might include heightened feelings of anxiety, depression, anger, irritability, excitement, or even recklessness.  


Why Do People Take Gabapentin Recreationally? 

There are various issues as to why someone might take this medicine recreationally. It is the same as for any medication and the causes might range widely. Some people might take medication to fulfill something missing in their lives.  

Further, they might take them to feel completely numb or to fit in with others. Some are experimenting whereas some might simply get hooked on a drug post being prescribed. This effectively occurs through their doctor.  

So, why one must use Gabapentin? What shall make it desirable and something that people abuse? Especially when there might be much information on the dangers of drug abuse, why might people do it?  

First, Gabapentin medicine is not an opioid even though it is sometimes thought of as such. While it might lead to sedation and it might help in overcoming pain, it is not a narcotic. This might not mean it is risk-free.

Some people agree with the calming and euphoric feelings that come with high doses of Gabapentin. This condition is quite like the effects of marijuana. This medication can make users feel more euphoric, and confident, and bring a sense of calm and serenity.

Snorting the medicine might give a high like stimulants, and it can further boost the euphoric effects of other medications like opiates. This enhances risks, especially while mixed with substances including heroin or fentanyl. It makes it potentially dangerous and raises the chance of a fatal overdose.

Gabapentin medication is not addictive like a chronic condition, it can further lead to physical dependence. It is all-important to understand the difference: this shall all depend on when the body might feel like it needs the drug. On the other hand, addiction involves both a physical and mental need for the substance.  

People addicted to a drug might engage in unusual behaviors solely focused on obtaining this medication. Though similar, dependence is well physical, and addiction involves both mental and physical aspects. This condition makes it challenging for them to tell apart. 


How Does Gabapentin Affect Your Make? 

When one might initially begin taking gabapentin. One might experience conditions like dizziness, drowsiness, or clumsiness. It can make your thinking feel a bit slower.  

These effects are usually about side effects of gabapentin. They might further tend to enhance as your body adapts to the medication. Such reactions might need the consumption of a higher dose. However, when one might feel unsteady, dizzy, or drowsy, it is important to avoid potentially hazardous activities, including driving or operating machinery.

Various individuals might not notice any significant changes in starting the use of gabapentin. This medication is commonly prescribed for conditions treating nerve pain, seizures, and restless legs syndrome. 

When the medication gabapentin proves effective for you, you can further experience relief from such symptoms. On the other hand, some people might also initially feel more anxious, depressed, irritable, excited, angry, or reckless when they begin consumption of gabapentin. 

In some of the rare cases (which shall be less than 1%), individuals might also experience feelings of death or other suicide while using the gabapin pill.

The pill Gabapentin can lead to other side effects, like headaches, uncontrollable shaking, weakness, memory issues, nausea, uncontrolled eye movement or vomiting, increased appetite, dry mouth, heartburn, and ear, back, or joint pain, along with flu-like conditions. 



The doctor provides information about such potential side effects and others might also impact your sensations. When you have any thoughts on death or suicide. Such crucial information for someone should be delivered right away.  

When the medication gabapentin induces strange or unusual sensations while leading to any side effects, avoid not consuming the medication on your own. Instead, communicate with your doctor under such circumstances.  

Abruptly stopping the consumption of the medication Gabapentin can lead to uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. Such issues include anxiety, nausea, insomnia, sweating, and pain. For those consuming this medicine to prevent seizures, suddenly restricting the medication may increase the risk of a seizure. Make sure that you consult the doctor in case you have concerns about how this medication affects you. 

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