Allergic reactions and skin conditions like itchiness, rashes or dermatitis are treated with drugs called antihistamines. These anti-allergy meds inhibit your body from making histamines, which are essentially anti-allergic substances. It is the function of histamines to make you sneeze or itch as a response to prevent an invading allergen. Hydroxyzine is a widely used antihistamine drug. This med is also used as a sedative to reduce anxieties experienced before surgeries. But, how fast can this drug work to treat anxieties? It is a wise thing to know more on this before commencing your treatment.

Due to the calming effects hydroxyzine brings about, it is used as a sedative agent, especially to manage spells of anxieties and restlessness before surgical procedures. This drug is also known to reduce mental conditions among children as well as adults. This med is available in various forms – namely, tablet, capsules and a liquid suspension. It belongs to a class of meds known as antihistamines. The main task of such drugs is to block anti-allergic chemicals called histamines from being produced by your system. Histamines are chemicals your body makes once you are under attack by a pollutant or allergen such as dust particles, pollen, mites, dander, etc. Hydroxyzine is a popular antihistamine owing to its properties to manage a wide spectrum of pollutants.

Most commonly administered dosage strength of hydroxyzine is 25 milligrams (mg). However, those who are taking muscle relaxants, sleeping pills and drugs for treating common colds or coughs must keep their caregiver aware of such medication plans. Intake of sleeping tablets along with this antihistamine can drag you into a very deep sleep or at times, into coma. Owing to such side effects, this med is never taken through the self-medication route or as an over the counter (OTC) med. It is always procured along with a prescription of a qualified medical practitioner.

Anxiety and hydroxyzine

This med is also a serotonin agonist; this means, its actions are quite similar to drugs forming part of genres such as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) or serotonin norepinephrine reuptake inhibiting drugs (SNRIs). In essence, hydroxyzine can increase the availability of serotonin to your brain. This leads to calming of your nerves, stabilizing your moods as well as maintaining better mental wellbeing.

For treatment of anxiety, hydroxyzine can be taken in any form, i.e., pill, tablet or liquid form. Dosages are initially started off at low strength of say, 10 mg. If your body is not responding adversely or if there are no adverse side effects, your caregiving team may increase the strength to 25 mg or up to 50 mg. However, for children living with anxieties, the dosage strength is mostly maintained at 25 mg within a 24-hour timeline. Anxieties can be treated by taking this med regularly. You may need to take it at the same time every day to witness better results. You may take it either before or after food. Some users have reported upset of stomach and other abdominal conditions such as nausea or indigestion; upon witnessing such discomforts, it is a safe practice to take it with a meal.

How long does it take to work for anxiety?

Hydroxyzine is known to work within a very shorter span of time. Those who stay restless may see positive results in as low as 30 to 40 minutes from the time of intake of a dose. On this front, the drug’s action is faster than many other drugs that form part of the SSRI or SNRI genre of meds. The calming effect of hydroxyzine can last for up to 4 hours soon after intake of a dose. As compared to SSRIs or SNRIs, you can take dosages of hydroxyzine up to three times within a 24-hour timeline.

Hydroxyzine is likely to trigger a few adverse side effects and undesired reactions. These include blurring of eyesight, being in a confused frame of mind, migraines / headache, retention of fluids, etc. In general, this antihistamine can be taken for a fairly longer span of time. It is seldom habit forming. But, you may need to be aware that this med may cause a few adverse conditions. You may witness palpitations or may pass out as it may elongate your QT timing. Also, if you are observing severe spells of drowsiness, it is a safe practice to refrain from working with heavy machinery, driving or engaging in adventurous activities such as cycling, swimming or running.

Likely drug interactions between hydroxyzine and other drugs

It is a good practice to keep your caregiving team informed of all other meds that you are presently taking. Tell your treating physician and pharmacist of treatment plans you may be currently pursuing. Make a list of drugs you are consuming; while making it, you are advised to add prescription drugs, OTC drugs, herbal meds, proteins as well as vitamin supplements. Once having shared a list with your physician, do not make any changes to it i.e., without the consent of your treating physician or pharmacist.

Intake of intoxicants such as marijuana, cannabis or alcohol along with is not a safe practice. Users who took such intoxicants witnessed extreme spells of dizziness, blurring of eyesight, severe episodes of drowsiness, passing out or fainting. Tell your doctor if you are taking sotalol or amiodarone (which regulate heartbeats), any form of antidepressant medications or antibiotic medications like levofloxacin, ciprofloxacin, etc. Stay aware of very adverse side effects such as hypotension (markedly low level of blood pressure level), breathing difficulties like gasping, slowing down of respiratory cycles as well as wheezing, especially if you are taking monoamine oxidase inhibitors along with hydroxyzine.

In sum, hydroxyzine will start its action in a relatively shorter span of time. It may only take as low as 45 minutes for this drug to start working. In some cases, users have witnessed calming down in some 30 minutes from the time of a dose. Unlike SSRI or SNRI genre of drugs, the time taken for hydroxyzine is much less. Also, you may remain calmed down for more than 3 hours with each dose. In order to know more on how fast hydroxyzine functions, it is a safe practice to talk to your treating doctor or pharmacist.

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