Bacterial infections are treated by administering antibiotic meds. Of the meds falling under this genre, doxycycline is administered for treating conditions such as anthrax, spells of malaria and a few skin problems like acne, bumps and pimples. This drug forms part of a sub-genre known as tetracycline antibiotic meds. It is found to be effective against inflammation caused by rosacea, and to treat redness / discoloration of skin. But, how long after stopping to take doxycycline can I start taking alcoholic drinks? It is important to have needful details.

Antibiotics are meds used for stopping the onset of bacterial progression. These meds are however not effective against viral or fungal infections. Use of antibiotic meds while there is no apparent bacterial infection can build resistance; also, over a period of time, meds may be rendered ineffective to stop the growth of bacteria.

In this light, doxycycline is prescribed for the case management of infections like anthrax. This drug is also used for treating a few kinds of malaria, skin related problems such as acne, discoloration, formation of topical bumps as well as rosacea. You may detect the onset of rosacea when you witness flushing or redness of skin. You may also see spread of pimples of your facial parts.

Safe intake of doxycycline

Those who are allergic to tetracycline antibiotic drugs must tell their treating doctor of such prior discomforts. It is a wise thing to share details about your current medication plans and treating plans, if any. As an added precaution, make a list of meds you are presently taking; as you compile such as list, ensure over the counter meds, prescription drugs, supplements of minerals, vitamins and / or proteins, herbal / dietary aids are added to this list.

How long after discontinuing doxycycline can I take alcohol?

It is considered safe to take alcoholic drinks 2 days after discontinuing the intake of doxycycline. Though no harmful reactions are reported due to the co-administration of alcohol while taking antibiotic meds, a few doctors may advise you to stop taking alcohol during the medication plan.

However, there are a few forms of antibiotics which require a complete discontinuation of alcohol. These include meds such as Bactrim, metronidazole, etc. Intake of alcohol along with these meds may cause a few adverse side effects such as a severe spell of migraine, flushing, abdominal discomforts in the form of pain in abdomen, nausea, vomiting, etc.; some users reported quicker or erratic beating of their heart. However, these side effects are unlikely to arise when doxycycline is taken along with alcohol.

Side effects of doxycycline you need to stay aware of

Like many other drugs that form part of the antibiotic family of meds, doxycycline may also trigger a few adverse side effects. A few common discomforts include soreness of throat, itchiness, abnormal discharge from vagina, episodes of dehydration (this can show up in the form of dryness of mouth, parching of skin, etc.) and experiencing pains while urinating.

In some very rare cases, users have experienced severe side effects like blurring of vision, internal bruises and bleeding, painful joints, permanent discoloration of teeth (especially among adults), inflammation of facial organs and oral parts. Upon witnessing one or more of these acute forms of discomforts, you are advised to seek needful medical help on an emergency mode. Those living in the US may call 911 or reach out to the helpdesk of the food and drug administration (FDA). On the other hand, users of doxycycline in Canada may go to a poison control unit near to where you live or reach out to Health Canada on an urgent basis

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