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Statins are meds that are known to lower lipid levels and thus decrease the odds of cardiac ailments. These are widely used for reducing blood cholesterol levels. Along with the intake of statins, your caregiver will tell you to change your daily habits by including a well-balanced diet as well as regular workouts. Atorvastatin is a widely administered statin. But, do you know how long atorvastatin stays in your system? It is worth your while to know more on this.

In essence, statins block an enzyme known as HMG-CoA-reductase. Key chemicals of statins resemble the molecular structure of this enzyme. Thus, statins decrease this enzyme’s ability to make a substance called mevalonate. It is mevalonate that eventually turns into lipids in your bloodstream.

What is atorvastatin?

This drug is a popular statin. It belongs to the genre called HMG-CoA reductase inhibiting meds. Active ingredients of atorvastatin slowdown the making of cholesterol. This leads to reduction in the build-up of lipids on the inner linings of your blood vessels. You need to know clogged blood vessels remain a leading cause for the incidence of strokes, cardiac arrests and heart failure.

This statin lowers fats like low density lipoprotein (LDL). This dubbed as bad cholesterol. As an extended use, atorvastatin reduces the level of triglycerides in blood as well as boost the presence of high density lipoprotein (HDL). HDL is also labelled as good cholesterol.

Your doctor is more likely to prescribe atorvastatin with a well-regulated diet, workout schedule to shed extra flab, etc. Such a treatment plan is known to reduce the onset of heart problems.

How long atorvastatin stays in your system?

The key chemicals of atorvastatin stay for as long as 78 hours or about 3 days after the final dose. The half-life period of this drug is nearly 14 – 15 hours. It takes almost 6 half-life cycles for complete discharge the effects of this statin from your system. Owing to this, atorvastatin may stay back for more than 3 full-days in your body.

How long atorvastatin stays in your system also depends on a few other variables. These include the dosage strength of atorvastatin your medication plan comprised of, number of doses taken, how fast or slow is your rate of metabolism, how bulky your body is, age and overall wellbeing.

Of the abovesaid factors, reduced rate of metabolism causes atorvastatin (and its key ingredients) to stay back in your system for a fairly longer duration. As mentioned, your age does play a key role in determining how long atorvastatin stays in your system. In general, elderly users of this statin may see its traces to last for more than 3 days i.e., from the time of the last dosage.

Moreover, if you are living with poor health conditions, especially liver-based ailments like cirrhosis or hepatitis, the drug is likely to last for long in your body.

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Essential pointers to know prior to using atorvastatin

This statin may cause a few muscular conditions if taken along with antibiotic meds such as erythromycin, clarithromycin, etc. Also, use of this statin with fellow-cholesterol reducing meds having fibrates in them can cause muscular breakdown.

Like other statins, atorvastatin may cause a few adverse side effects. Commonly encountered side effects of atorvastatin are formation of gas, painful joints, being in a confused state of mind, indigestion as well as discharge of loose stools. Most of these effects may go away once your body gets used to this statin.

On the other hand, if you witness very adverse effects like softening of muscles, discharge of darkened urine, formation of a yellowish tint on your eyes or skin, you are advised to call 911 (in US) or contact Health Canada if you are living in one of the Canadian provinces.


Information provided here are only of supplementary nature. Information shared here does not substitute a qualified doctor’s advice. This website is not suggesting intake of this drug as safe or appropriate. Hence it is advised to talk to your doctor before consuming this med or any other drug.

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