Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder – also known as ADHD, is a developmental condition. The typical signs of this condition include inability to pay attention, being impulsive as well as hyperactive. It may show up as restlessness. Children may find it difficult to focus on their academic needs. They may also have issues in maintaining cordial relationships with others. Adderall is widely used for the treatment of ADHD; but, how long do the active chemicals of this med stay in your system? It is an essential thing to learn more about this before starting your medication plan.

Genetic factors are attributed as a top reason for ADHD. It remains a leading cause in as much as about 3/4th of people living with this neuro-development condition. Also, intake of alcohol while you are pregnant is likely to trigger this. In some cases, being exposed to harmful pesticides – such as derivatives of phosphates – is closely linked to the onset of ADHD. Moreover, the youngest students in a classroom may develop it more than others.

Adderall for ADHD

Adderall is commonly prescribed as part of medication plans pursued for ADHD. As an extended use, this med is also used for the case management of narcolepsy. The med is known to contain a combination of two drugs: namely – dextro-amphetamine as well as amphetamine. Both these chemicals work on your central nervous system (CNS) – especially, on stimulating substances and enzymes responsible for impulsive actions and hyperactivity.

Adderall can be quite addictive and hence can form into a habit. So, those who have prior episodes of substance abuse must talk to their treating doctor of such pre-existing conditions. You are also advised to stay wary of incidence of cardiac arrests or strokes as the key chemicals are known to work on a few essential stimulants. Those who have a medical history of hypertension or high blood pressure, recent episodes of heart problems or cardiac dysfunction must inform their caregiving team about such health conditions; people with these conditions – when they take Adderall – may pass out or witness fatal outcomes i.e., death.

So, how long does Adderall last in the system?

They key ingredients of Adderall can remain in your body for about 5 hours. On the other hand, the active chemicals used in the extended release version of Adderall (known with the suffix XR) can stay up to 11 hours to 12 hours. The XR version of Adderall is known for its gradual release of its active ingredients. Such a release – known as sustained-release – can take longer hours to be discharged than the normal version of this ADHD drug.

You are advised not to use Adderall when you are already taking drugs like MAO inhibiting drugs such as linezolid and / or isocarboxazid. Also, if you are already in a depressed condition and are taking antidepressants, intake of Adderall may only worsen your phobias and mental health. In gnarl, upon witnessing shortness of breath, pain in the chest area, sweating profusely, hearing or seeing weird things (which are unreal), etc. talk to your treating doctor without much delay.

Those who live in the US are advised to call 911 as quickly as possible. US residents may also reach out to the helpdesk run by the federal drug clearing agency – the food and drug administration (FDA). It becomes important to know that the FDA runs helplines to offer needful medical support to users of drugs (the agency has approved) on witnessing adverse side effects.

On the other hand, people living in any of the Canadian provinces- upon seeing any of the aforesaid side effects and adverse reactions – must quickly call Health Canada. Canadians may also consider rushing to a poison control unit functioning closer to where they live on an urgent mode.

It is a safe practice to take Adderall under the medical supervision and guidance of a qualified clinical practitioner. It can lead to dangerous outcomes if you are taking this med through self-medication or as an over the counter drug.

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