Type 2 diabetes is one of the numerous versions of diabetes mellitus. This is essentially a lifestyle-related autoimmune condition. This disorder leads to thirstiness and hunger. It also makes your sores to get healed slowly. If you are leaving it without treatment, it can damage your heart, causing strokes or cardiac attacks. It is often accompanied by conditions like renal dysfunction and retinopathy. Drugs such as metformin help manage this ailment. But, do you know how long does it for metformin to work? It becomes important to have more inputs.

Type II form of diabetes is fast becoming one of the autoimmune disorders. This conditions causes a spike in your blood sugar levels. It also makes your insulin level to go low. Over a period of time, your body develops resistance to insulin. Its typical symptoms include frequent urge to pee, persistent spells of thirst, marked drop in weight, remaining fatigued and / or tired.

This type of diabetes may show up in people leading an inactive lifestyle. Also, those who are overweight may be at an added risk. You need to know that type II is the most common with more than 5/6th of cases reporting of it. On the other hand, type I version of diabetes occurs only among 10% of the cases. Your treating physician may order a series of tests like fasting glucose test, oral-glucose tolerance test, etc. to establish its onset.

So, what is metformin?

This med is an antidiabetic drug taken to treat type II version of diabetes mellitus. This drug has needful approvals of US-based, med authorising body the food and drug administration (in short, FDA). Key chemicals used in metformin reduce the absorption level of glucose. Thus, the med reduces the quantum of glucose your system makes. As an aftereffect: your body starts becoming more sensitive to enzymes like insulin.

Metformin is mostly administered along with alterations to your diet practices. This is often times accompanied by a daily workout or exercise plan. You are advised to take this drug as per your doctor’s advice. Those who pursued the treatment plan lessened the risks of kidney problems, likely damage of nerves, loss of vision, sexual conditions like erectile dysfunction (in short, ED) or male impotence.

How long does it take for metformin to work?

This med is taken for a longer duration. This med starts functioning within 7 days of starting the dosage plan. In a study done on a closed user group, it was found metformin reduced blood sugar level in less than a week’s time. However, it took nearly 60 days’ time for the drug to function to its fullest potential.

On a related note, you must know that the half-life period of metformin is about 18 – 19 hours. This means this med needs over 5.5 cycles of half-life to fully discharge all its remnants off your body. In other words, you may need more than 95 hours (approx. 4 days) to free your system of the most active ingredients of this antidiabetic med.



Safe use of metformin

The caregiving team must be told of earlier spells of kidney problems such as reduction of filtration rate, etc. You also need to report of a marked increase in ketone levels in blood or urine. Those who have had a recent heart arrest or liver conditions such as hepatitis or cirrhosis must keep their caregiver updated of all such problems.

It also becomes essential to inform your physician about prior incidence of problems like metabolic acidosis. Lastly, you must never administer metformin onto patients who are younger than 9 years. Moreover, safety precautions are needed while using this antidiabetic meds onto younger adults. It is a good practice to speak with the caregiving team or a pharmacist before taking metformin.


Information provided here are only of supplementary nature. Information shared here does not substitute a qualified doctor’s advice. This website is not suggesting intake of this drug as safe or appropriate. Hence it is advised to talk to your doctor before consuming this med or any other drug.

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