Estrogen is administered for birth control as well for menopausal therapies. Estradiol patch is a transdermal approach to deliver estrogen. This hormone is used as part of several hormone-related treatment. You need to know that estradiol occurs naturally in your system. It was discovered in the early 1930s. However, this med is never used onto women who are pregnant and to those who are nursing an infant. It is an essential thing to know how long does it take for estradiol patch to start working.

Estradiol has multiple uses. Key among them is treatment for women who have reached menopause, control of unplanned pregnancies, etc. In case of menopausal treatment, this med is known to suppress signs such as drying of vagina, hot flashes, likely loss of bones (osteoporosis) as well as atrophy (inflammation of vagina / vagina tract). Contraceptives containing estrogen can stop ovulation among women; in this process, the FDH hormone and luteinising hormone are inhibited. These two hormones are critical for ovulation.

As an added use, at higher doses (of estrogen), estradiol can help treat cancers in the prostate. This med is also helpful in therapies to set right deprivation of androgen, owing to castration. This medication is also administered for enlarging the size of breasts among women. Moreover, among women living with mental conditions like schizophrenia, this drug is taken as an adjunct treatment.

So, what is estradiol patch?

Patches of estradiol are a transdermal way to administer hormonal treatment. You need to know skin patches are processed in a different manner than oral or other routes of delivery. One of the chief benefits of using patches is the active chemicals do not pass (initially) through your liver. This help is reducing odds of stokes or clotting of blood.

Estradiol patches are used on skin; the preferred site is near your hips or abdomen. In some cases, these patches are applied on buttocks. You are advised to change the patches once or twice each week. However, not all women are advised to use estradiol patches. Your caregiver will assess the likely side effects, in light of your present health condition, among several other such precautions.

How long does it take for the estradiol patch to start working?

Women who have attained menopause are likely to see an improvement in 14 days’ time. However, no two individuals are likely to react to this med in the same way. Hence, remedial outcomes may vary from one person to another. Pills of estradiol are processed at the liver and inside your intestinal system.

On a related note, it takes nearly 12 hours for eliminate all traces of estrogen from the patch on your skin. No two individuals take the same amount of time; time taken for elimination varies based of your weight, other meds you are taking, etc.

Safety measures associated with the use of estradiol patch

These transdermal patches are likely to cause some side effects. You may witness migraine, back ache, abdominal conditions like dyspepsia or indigestion. In some women, abnormal discharge of vaginal fluids is observed.

Estradiol patch may also cause a few severe side effects such as panting for breath, gasping, slurring of speech function, blurring of eyesight, formation of lumps in breasts, pain in chest region, etc. Upon noticing one or more of these side effects, it is a safe thing to seek medical help on a top priority basis.

In order to seek clinical assistance, users of estradiol patch in the US can call 911 or reach out to the helplines of FDA. Those who are residents of a Canadian province need to call Health Canada.

Lastly, collect inputs about how long does it take for the estradiol patch to start working from a certified medical professional. It is important to follow the safety measures instructed by your physician.


Information provided here are only of supplementary nature. Information shared here does not substitute a qualified doctor’s advice. This website is not suggesting intake of this drug as safe or appropriate. Hence it is advised to talk to your doctor before consuming this med or any other drug.

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