How long does it take gabapentin to work

Nerve pains and nerve-related medical conditions are caused by damage of the spine, onset of autoimmune conditions such as diabetes mellitus and also by infections such as shingles. For such ailments – especially, those affecting the nerves – drugs that belong to a genre called anti-epileptic or anticonvulsants meds are widely administered. Gabapentin is a popular drug in this genre. But, how long does it take gabapentin to function? It becomes an essential thing to understand prior to consuming this anticonvulsant drug.

US-based drug clearing body – food and drug administration (in short, FDA) – has authorised a few drugs for the treatment of nerve-linked problems. Such drugs are broadly grouped under antiepileptic meds. In some regions, these meds are also labelled as anticonvulsant drugs.

Active chemicals in such drugs help ease your nervous system. Such easing up relaxes your nerves and offers needful treatment for convulsions, seizures or fits. These meds essentially work by modifying pain-related transmitted through the central nervous system (CNS).

What is gabapentin?

This medication is administered for treating epileptics seizures, fits and convulsions. It is categorised under anti-epileptics. This medication is sold both in its generic form as well as a branded equivalent. Its generic form is available at a lower cost; this makes it easy to afford to most users – chiefly, to those who are uninsured. You may also purchase an extended-release form and an immediately releasing form of this drug.

The form administered to you varies based on many factors; key among them is how acute is your nerve-related discomforts, gender, age, weight, incidence of other medical problems and based on current medication / treatment plans – if any.

In general, gabapentin is taken for numerous CNS-linked problems and nerve-disorders; these include painful nerve conditions (called neuralgia), fits, seizures, fits, etc. This drug can also be taken for treating nerve-based discomforts triggered by onset of shingles.

One of the main chemicals used in gabapentin aids in muting messages related to pain. Also, the drug is known to change the presence of calcium-compounds in your body. In this light, you need to know that a reduced presence of calcium is strongly linked to onset of epileptic seizures, convulsions or fits.

How long does it take gabapentin to work?

Gabapentin can treat nerve pains grouped as neuralgia; it may take a few weeks for the medication to show its fullest remedial potential. Users of gabapentin are likely to witness a sizable decrease in weariness and tiredness. Moreover, users also tend to experience streamlined sleeping patterns, an improvement in their mental wellbeing as well as overall wellness.

The optimal dose of gabapentin may differ based on your nerve condition. Dosages can range from 300 milligrams (mg) to as high as 1800 mg per day. The initial doses are offered at a lower strength; the dosages are increased in a gradual form upon ensuring your system is not responding adversely to the first few doses.

You also need to know that doses of gabapentin must not be stopped in an abrupt manner. Those who stopped the dosage plan all of a sudden – without telling their doctor – may experience sleeplessness, nausea, pains and restlessness.

The period of withdrawal often ranges from 6 to 11 days; based on strength of your doses, how long you have been taking the medication, etc. It is quite possible to witness symptoms of withdrawal in less than 15 hours from the time of your last dose. Symptoms of withdrawal may show up as restlessness, abdominal problems like nausea, pain in abdomen, etc. In some users, severe episodes of migraines, dizziness and drowsiness have been noticed.

The safest approach to avoid signs of withdrawal is to taper-off the last few doses and bring the medication plan to a stop in a gradual fashion. In order to know more on safe intake of gabapentin, you are advised to talk to your treating physician / pharmacist.


Information provided here are only of supplementary nature. Information shared here does not substitute a qualified doctor’s advice. This website is not suggesting intake of this drug as safe or appropriate. Hence it is advised to talk to your doctor before consuming this med or any other drug.

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